What is NLP and how do I create Stars?

In recent times, you’ll see people speaking to their phones through SIRI, switching on their lights through Alexa, or ordering dinner on Uber eats through Google Home, while watching TV. This has been made possible because machines have learnt to process human language. Natural Language Processing (NLP), what it’s called in the tech world, has also allowed non-coders, to code in English!

Today, with the GSTAR Ecosystem, you can simply describe your trading ideas or strategy in plain English and an automated create trading system just based on words provided can be created. Then, this sentence will be broken down into blocks and construct a trading system on the fly. The resultant automated trading system is called a Star.

Examples can range from something as simple as, “Buy 0.1 ether every 2 days” to something abit more complex, like “Buy 1 ether if price drops by 40% from highest price, sell half when it goes back to 90% of highest price, and sell the remaining when price exceeds highest by 1.18 times”.

In the process of creating a Star, you can choose to view the back-test results by selecting the cryptocurrency, which you would like to deploy your Star on. This helps to test your trading strategy against relevant historical data to ensure its viability before launching it live using actual capital. The back-tests can be performed on as many different cryptocurrencies as you prefer. Each back-test will utilize a very small amount of GSTAR tokens corresponding to the actual cost of computational processing that is needed to perform the back-test. However, do take note that each user is allowed to perform a number of back-tests for free each day. After you are satisfied with your back-testing results, you will then select the cryptocurrency, which your Star will be deployed on. The Star will then be finalized, with a finalization fee paid in GSTAR tokens.

Once you have finalised the creation of your Star, you cannot make any changes to your trading strategy. We believe that this is important to prevent malicious users from creating Stars, which show very good back-test statistics, and then changing the trading strategy before leasing/selling the same Stars. Hence, to make any changes to your strategy, the owner will need to create a brand new Star.

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