We’re moving on from Noots.

Back in July we wrote a post announcing a “new chapter” at our company, Noots.

The major changes we outlined were:

  1. Moving to a self-funded model, instead of raising outside capital.
  2. Overhauling our supply chain.
  3. Clinical trials to prove our products are what we claim.
  4. Much higher quality assurance standards.
  5. Internal team restructure.

At the time we were growing steadily, yet failed to address many fundamental issues that were underpinning how sustainable said growth was.

We were also growing for the wrong reason (to get more funding), which put the customer second to investors, and eventually came full circle and put us in a position where we just had to pump the breaks, and figure out a better path forward.

Admittedly, this process has been much more difficult than we anticipated. But, such are the adventures of life.

Pumping the breaks meant both halting sales for the most part, and not chasing outside capital. As such, we coasted off profits we had generated, wholesale revenue, and more recently several cash injections from team members. It’s a hard situation to be in—but one that has shown the level of commitment we are willing to go to.

As of Monday the 10th of October, we are officially migrating to a new brand, Hapi (formerly Noots).

For the time being this is a soft-launch, as we still have a few things to address before riding into battle, and before we’re fully confident to start driving the growth side forward again.

Going forward

As this is a major update, I have written individual posts for each area.

Choose your own adventure:

  1. Tell me more about the new Hapi brand.
  2. I’m a subscriber. What happens to my orders?
  3. I’m still waiting on my Noots order to arrive! Help me.
  4. What’s happening with our supply chain?
  5. How are we doing on the clinical trial front?


If you have any questions, just reach out to help@gethapi.me and we will talk more from there.

Thanks so much to everyone who has continued to support us. We’re not going anywhere.

— John, CEO.