It’s been long since I posted a recipe. This Sunday, I cooked Muthiya, a healthy and tasty Indian snack that goes well with Masala tea. Want to learn how to make perfect masala chai? check this post.

The overall preparation time for Muthiya is around two hours, that includes 20 minutes resting the dough, 20 minutes steaming the rolls and time to cool down the steamed rolls.

Let’s start with ingredients.

Muthiya an Indian snack
Muthiya an Indian snack
Muthiya, Indian snack

01: Ingredients

Ingredients for Muthiya
Ingredients for Muthiya
Ingredients for Muthiya

1/4 Cup wheat flour, 1/4 Cup corn flour, 1/4 Cup coarse semolina,
1/4 Cup chickpea flour

Chili garlic and ginger paste
Ginger around 2 inch, Chili around 3–4, Garlic cloves 5…

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Hard dry pastel on tinted paper

This last week of April has been one of the worst in recent years. I hurt my back while running on the treadmill. Drugs muted the pain but what getting me through this phase are my dry pastels.

For the last couple of weeks, me and Yogita (my wife) are experimenting with intermittent fasting. The first time, us foodies are focusing on eating healthy and less junk :)

Week one, was excellent and we felt fresh. Our energy level went up. I thought of complimenting the diet with exercise and started working out in the morning. …

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On March 10th, I published an experiment called sUdDen sHift. And today after the gap of almost nine months I am sharing one more, mainly to get back to the habit of writing.

This week Asya learned a new game at her school called Monster Squeeze. It is a two-player math game that challenges a child to find a secret number while learning about the number line. Asya was so excited to play it with Yogita and me. As part of her homework, we played it too. But this time with a twist. :)

Yogita and I took this as an opportunity to help Asya design her version of the Monster Squeeze. We started with planning, drawing, coloring. Later choosing the final character, drawing the numbers and finally putting a board together to play the game. …


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