How SketchApp has been complicated in all the ways and Figma solved most of my concerns.

Though I was aware of Figma’s newly released features earlier this year, it was only recently when I started experiencing issues with the Sketch App (Sketch) that I started considering switching over. Working as a solo designer in Sketch is perfectly fine with me, but when it came to including the team, sharing files, and managing the design system, that was a whole other story. I’ve shared my experience with both apps below, hoping it may help you decide which UX/UI tool suits your needs best.

My SketchApp Complications and How Figma Solved Those Concerns

As a Mac-user, I have used Sketch as the primary tool for designing UI/UX…

“As the pace of work accelerates, it’s more important than ever to harness collective knowledge by making it easier to find information and expertise, right when it’s needed, and to encourage best practice sharing.” — Microsoft SharePoint Teams

Since its inception in 2001, SharePoint has been the leading collaborative content management platform. Known for providing enterprises with a wide spectrum of services, Microsoft SharePoint is the go-to for document storage and management, internal collaboration and communications, business intelligence, and workflow management tools.

2001 — 2002

SharePoint Web parts in Sketch— Jun Nguyen

Before diving deep into designing a product, I like to tidy-up the style guide system that I reuse for various applications and platforms. Let me walk you through this process that I know you’ll find helpful, too!

Personalized templates are based on a designer’s preferences, and the process is not unlike how someone might decide to furnish the place s/he calls home; just like one can either tidy up a room or completely rearrange it, so too can a designer tweak or completely revamp a template while still maintaining his or her own style and proclivities.

Utilizing a style guide…

Jun Nguyen

Product Designer at Tyme

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