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View from Bygdøy, Own image

During my time in Amsterdam, I have been lucky enough to visit many countries, but one place which particularly took an interest to me was Norway. I have always been curious about Scandinavian culture and lifestyle. I have been to various European countries but Norway was nothing like I was expecting.

Oslo is truly a place for those with an eye for design and architecture, the city is made up of different islands and districts all based around beautiful mountainous landscapes.

One of the truly unique parts of Oslo is its many islands just minutes from the city centre harbour. Just like the ferries behind Amsterdam Centraal you can easily hop on/off the boats and island hop around the Oslo Fjord. Oslo has nine different islands which are accessible to the public, they are a completely different world to the bustling city centre. The islands I was lucky enough to see were Hovedøya, Gressholmen, Langøyene, Lindøya, and Nakholmen. Each one specializing in its own natural beauty. Hovedøya is one of the most popular islands being famous for its historic ruins and woodland walks. Langøyene is known for its long beaches and peaceful views. Gressholmen, Lindøya and Nakholmen are more private, these islands are filled with colourful holiday cabins and private harbours. This landscape is nothing like I’ve ever seen whilst I was here it was a beautiful day, there was not a cloud in the sky — yet there was no people. This tranquil atmosphere and idyllic wooden cabins made me feel I was walking through a film set. …

A documentary by Marina Willer

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Red Trees — by Marina Willer

As part of the What Design Can Do conference I went to a screening of a documentary film called Red Trees. Usually artsy documentary films are not my thing, but I was particularly interested in this film as it based on the journey of survivors from the Nazi occupation from Eastern Europe. I am very interested in stories based around WWII survivors as my own grandparents were forced out of their homes in Poland by Nazi soldiers.

This film was created by Marina Willer a graphic designer and the first female partner at Pentagram, one of the largest and successful graphic design agencies in the world. …

Parisian Squat turned Artspace

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59 Rue Rivoli, Image courtesy ArtPhotoLimited

Being so close to France I really wanted to visit Paris during my time in Amsterdam. I was lucky enough to go a few weeks ago and embrace all that Paris has to offer. Paris is full of museums and exhibitions but, I wanted to see something a little different in the hope it would inspire me to be more creative. Situated right in the centre close to the Louvre, 59 Rivoli is a unique collection of artists in a former squat, to have a space like this in such a affluent area intrigued me straight away.

Walking though Paris on a sunny afternoon, 59 Rivoli stuck out like a sore thumb. Situated on one of the main shopping streets covered in flags, streamers and banners this art house definitely provokes a response. …

‘What Design Can Do’ is an annual conference where people from all over the world come together to spark ideas and share visions. As part of this year’s conference I got to visit the conference and help out with two sessions.

As a design student I have always seen this conference being advertised but had never got the chance to visit or take part until this year.

The conference was held in the Stadsschouwburg, a beautiful Renaissance style theatre located in the heart of Leidseplein. Each room was filled with high ceilings, large angelic paintings and, ornate arches.

The session itself was hosted by one of our own creatives Stefan Pangratz in collaboration with Daniel Freitag — one of the guest speakers and one of the founders of the Swiss brand Freitag. …

Hayley Duszynski

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