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3 Principles of Pivoting that Life has Taught Me

Looking back, there’ve been at least seven major purpose-driven changes in my life, and five more times where I felt change was foisted upon me. It was always less pleasant when not my choice (hello, coronavirus), but I always seek to find the lessons in change. Perhaps you do the same.

These three principles guide me in times of change.

1. Goals.
A mentor once told me, when life intervenes between you and your plans, keep your goals the same, but be flexible in the “how.”

You can likely envision your destiny, and feel what’s pulling you forward. Follow that feeling, but don’t attach to any particular path you get there.

Sort out what really matters to you.

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by Amy Norton and Heather Bowen Ray

With the changing weather, fall brings exciting occasions and holidays many of us love. However, all the extra activities that pack these months— like cooking, baking, gift shopping, and holiday parties — can leave us feeling spent and stressed.

According to the American Psychological Association, women are more likely to experience high stress during the holiday season and use unhealthy coping mechanisms. The American Psychological Association found that 41% of women turn to food to cope and 28% of women turn to alcohol to cope with holiday stress.

As we know, these typical ways of numbing ourselves through food and drink can lead to weight gain, further health complications, and ultimately don’t solve the root problems we face. …

It’s everything you may imagine… and more.

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Boulder totally rocks. (photo: Connor Moynihan/Unsplash)

It’s not just me — Boulder inspires. It’s widely known as a health mecca, a playground for outdoor recreation, and a training field for endurance athletes. A combination of the fresh mountain air, the visually arresting flatirons, and its unique history have made it a beautiful and refreshing place to base “The Habits Whisperer,” my healthy habits coaching practice.

I recently drove 10 hours across another state, never spotting a single exerciser until I reached the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, where scores of people were running, cycling, and otherwise propelling themselves through space and time. …


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Healthy Habits Coach & Consultant. Insatiably curious about social psychology and social change. See

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