A simple and intuitive mobile experience for everyday citizens to report civic issues. With a story of how this volunteer project didn’t go well.

This is a story close to worthy of FuckUp Nights

How might we make everyday citizens’ reporting experience easier and more delightful?

In all honesty, the above statement was what we should have started this volunteer project with, but that didn’t happen. I and a few Ottawa Civic Tech volunteers, who are eager to create tech solutions for civic problems in their free time, started this project with conviction. But a few unfortunate turns of events left the project half-finished. I did, however, learn a few…

New to the city? Looking to grow your professional abilities? Trying to expand your network? Here is what to do in Canada’s capital.

Photo credit: CreativeMornings Ottawa

Note: a lot of these events happen in other cities too, so if you’re somewhere else, chances are you can find the equivalents there :)

I've had many people ask me where in Ottawa to go for meet-ups, events, or talks. Usually they are new-to-the-city designers and techies, or those trying to improve their professional abilities, or grow their social/professional network. It may surprise you to learn this, but Ottawa has a lot to offer to creative, passionate, and awesome individuals. All you need to do is look to the right places, or ask the right person. 😉

After living…

Eric Liu

Designer. Looking for nuance and ambivalence.

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