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Black Hole by Matt Anderson.

For those new to anonymous email services like Mailinator, they’re a handy way to sign up for a service or mailing list without divulging your personal information.

In a nutshell, they accept all email to their domain, like trump@mailinator.com, and make it available at a URL. Here’s the fake Trump inbox if you’re curious.

While this is handy, it has some clear drawbacks:

  • 📬 This inbox is public. Not a dealbreaker, but it requires you to think up hard-to-guess names in case someone else accidentally stumbles on it.
  • 🌬 The messages aren’t in your usual mail application and are deleted after a certain period of time. This means you have to trade convenience and permanence for privacy. …

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I’ve always kept a spare key in a lockbox outside my apartment. That habit has saved me many times when I locked myself out or had a friend stay over while I was out of town. When I got a dog, it was a convenient way to let the dog walker in.

My current apartment building doesn’t allow lockboxes and removed dozens of them—mine included—shortly after I moved in. …

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Whether you’re a veteran product manager, a first-time PM or an engineer yourself, this reference guide should be a fun (and hopefully educational) read.

Estimation & Scale

Once we decide on the API schema, writing the endpoints will be trivial.”

Easy or unimportant. The opposite, non-trivial, is commonly used to mean that something is difficult or harder than it seems.

Order(s) of magnitude
“Seriously!? Doing this ourselves is orders of magnitude harder than just using Appcues!”

Significantly bigger/harder in relation to something else. …


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