Unsuccessful articles aren’t necessarily dead.

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Viral content moves in strange ways.

When I first started writing on Medium back in February, I had only a couple of claps each time I published a story. I looked at the stories which had thousands of claps and scoured them for inspiration. I admit that in some cases, I couldn’t work out what these stories had that mine didn’t. Was it luck, or something that I wasn’t seeing? I was beginning to lose any hope of ever making a single dollar from writing on Medium.

I decided to focus on getting published in some established publications. Even then, my published stories often seemed to disappear from the feed, overwritten by new content, long before they truly got traction. …

I promise you they will appreciate it.

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I don’t need to say it. It’s been a tough week.

On top of the continued strain on physical, mental, and financial well-being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a fresh threat has reared its ugly head. The sad news of the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg came on Friday evening and sent shudders down the spines of women across the country. My Twitter blew up with notifications. I have Jewish friends who took the news particularly hard, interrupting their Rosh Hashanah dinner to read panicked texts from friends and family.

Her passing is a bitter reminder of what a hard time it is to be a woman in America.

Ginsburg was described by NPR as “architect of the legal fight for women’s rights in the 1970s” and served for 27 years on the Supreme Court. Her passing is a bitter reminder of what a hard time it is to be a woman in America. With the presidential election just six weeks away, the stakes are higher than ever. We now sit with the continued threat of a new conservative Justice who could work to overturn historical precedents. …

Here’s the truth about what that really feels like.

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A lot of people are surprised when I share that I’ve never had a partner finish things with me. I suppose I’m a little surprised about it too. For whatever reason, no partner has ever told me that they didn’t want to be with me anymore, whether we were in a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement, or co-habiting with joint bank accounts. Some people say I’m lucky to have never gone through the heartache of being dumped, and perhaps that is true.

Just because I’ve never been dumped, it doesn’t mean that all relationships have ended on my terms; far from it. In a couple of cases that come to mind, I’m fairly sure that I was actually more upset about the break up than my partner was. There are lots of misconceptions about serial dumpers. …


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