What’s the most effective way to work with my Product Manager / UX Researcher?

Qualitative methods aren’t always the right methods. Sometimes we need to step back and take a different perspective to understand the “who” and “what” of user behavior.

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Explained with examples in plain English.

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Flat Design

Redevelopment of the Fillmore District displaced thousands of Black residents

At Ellis and Divisadero. This building was formerly located at 3875–79 Sacramento Street. Photo: Dave Glass via Flickr, used with permission

#1 Embrace the power of kawaii.

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The story of gravity discovery and the way the black death was spread

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1. Christopher Columbus was the first to discover America

Concentrate on the things that matter, and give up what doesn’t.

As we thrive through the pandemic, we need to keep our minds open instead of becoming stuck in our pre-COVID perceptions when designing any new product.

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And I’m glad I never learned about these in history lessons

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In these dark days of fake news and alternative truth, the…

Or work, but only temporarily.

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