Concentrate on the things that matter, and give up what doesn’t.

Let’s imagine you’re comparing the portfolios of two UX Researchers:
UXR A vs. UXR B. Both candidates possess nearly identical backgrounds and skills: 3+ years in research, experience with different methodologies, industries, and so forth.

They’re nearly the same — at least on paper. Yet there are specific things that could imply that UXR A will likely be considerably more successful in their career than UXR B, by just about any measure. How could we compute this?

Technical skills and experience will only get you so far. Successful UX Researchers also cultivate critical thinking and mindsets that set them apart.

Qualitative methods aren’t always the right methods. Sometimes we need to step back and take a different perspective to understand the “who” and “what” of user behavior.

A man sitting on a chair in middle of a road while holding a book on his head and papers all around him
A man sitting on a chair in middle of a road while holding a book on his head and papers all around him
Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

UX designers have a variety of methods for gathering feedback and iterating on their design, such as contextual interviews, persona creation, customer journey, storyboard, and etc. Some of the methods are prevailing and intuitive; they reveal a lot about user needs and stories.

Qualitative methods are driven by the urge to understand the users and empathize with them to create better design solutions. Nevertheless, qualitative methods aren’t always the right methods. Sometimes we need to step back and take a different perspective to understand the “who” and “what” of user behavior. …

We never learned about these at school

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

Some historical facts of yesterday sound fake because they are too extraordinary or strange for their time. In this age of misinformation, here are seven historical facts that are actually true, but we never learned about at school.

This piece belongs to the historical fact series, I have also written about:

1. A spy was awarded the highest honor of service from both the Allies and Axis in the Second World War.

Explained with examples in plain English.

Working with UX Designers and getting familiar with the vocabulary they use is almost learning a new language. Let’s take a look at the 41 commonly used design words.

A girl and a boy sitting at a table, smiling and having a conversation
A girl and a boy sitting at a table, smiling and having a conversation
Photo by Start Digital on Unsplash

Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalist user interface design style. It is characterized by a UI design style that focuses on employing simple, two-dimensional elements with bright colors.

Nick Babich of UX Planet calls flat design a “more sophisticated cousin of minimalism” as all the UI elements are based on simplicity.

A great example of a flat design is Dropbox Basic landing page. …

Redevelopment of the Fillmore District displaced thousands of Black residents

At Ellis and Divisadero. This building was formerly located at 3875–79 Sacramento Street. Photo: Dave Glass via Flickr, used with permission

Rare and detailed Victorian homes are synonymous with San Francisco. When you pass one of these houses on the street, it’s natural to assume they’ve sat on the same piece of land since their construction. But some have made onerous journeys to be where they are today, including 12 homes in the Fillmore District that were rescued from certain demolition under the Western Addition redevelopment plan. More than 2,500 other Victorians in the neighborhood were not so lucky.

By the late 1940s, invigorated by nationwide postwar efforts to modernize America’s cities, San Francisco set its sights on “improving” the Western…

As we thrive through the pandemic, we need to keep our minds open instead of becoming stuck in our pre-COVID perceptions when designing any new product.

An elderly man using an iphone
An elderly man using an iphone
Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Who would have expected that a global pandemic would have been the stimulus to radically increase the usage of digital spaces we employ every day for socialization, entertainment, work, and especially healthcare.

According to a McKinsey report, just 11 percent of consumers were using telehealth in 2019. By May of this year, however, nearly 50% of in-person visits had been converted to digital visits. Clinicians saw 50 to 175 times the number of patients via telehealth than they did pre-COVID-19.

Besides healthcare, a lot of socialization is happening online now. Elderly people start exploring video calls during COVID lockdown to…

And I’m glad I never learned about these in history lessons

Photo by Jan Mellström on Unsplash

History serves us in various ways. There are some events from the past that can make us really wonder about their authenticity. In this story, I’ll cover some facts that I thought were fiction until I researched them further.

In these dark days of fake news and alternative truth, the truth might sometimes sound stranger than fiction.

1. In the 18th century, a woman gave “birth” to fluffy creatures

Or work, but only temporarily.

Photo by Karen Highland on Flickr

“No way, he can’t be your son,” said the man suspiciously,

“Yes, he is,” insisted my mother, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Then why is he asvad and you are not?” retorted the man smugly.

Asvad is an Arabic word used in the south of Iran, literally meaning dark skin or black. It is the word that ignorantly was and perhaps still is sometimes used to mean someone of a distinct look.

These were the kinds of encounters that I repeatedly experienced during my childhood and teenage years in Iran in the 1990s. …

Looking at the history of swear words shows the significant linguistic diversity of English.

Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash

When picking up a new language, which words do you like to learn first besides hello, goodbye, and the useful phrases? If like me, you also like checking the dictionary to see all the naughty words then this is probably interesting for you.

It might not be surprising to know that our ancestors and our ancestors’ ancestors were using profanity. The evidence for most of the swear words appears in the recorded verbatim that was actually recording spoken language as part of court proceedings.

1. Fuck

This word has a Germanic background, but the Oxford English Dictionary specifies its etymology as uncertain…

Risky and original ideas to inspire you for experimenting with unconventional strategies in 2021

A wall of colorful paintings and stairs
A wall of colorful paintings and stairs
Photo by Burgess Milner on Unsplash

January is here, and in this quarter many companies start rethinking and planning for the next year’s marketing plays for better success in 2021. Thinking out of the box is a good strategy and sometimes, the craziest marketing ideas enable us to cut through the noise and generate amazing results in a short time.

At a time when everyone is overloaded by the news and distracted by social media, relying on the same marketing strategies and expecting different results might not be the right recipe for standing out as a brand.

To showcase the power of insanity in generating outsized…

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