Tips from a new ‘Kaggler’ building CNN’s for blindness detection

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After recently competing in the 2019 APTOS Blindness Detection Kaggle Competition and finishing in top 32%, I thought I would share my process for training convolutional neural networks. My only prior deep learning experience was completing the Deeplearning.ai Specialisation, hence this is all you should need to read this article.

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Competition context

I spent the last 2–3 months working on and off on the APTOS 2019 Blindness Detection Competition on Kaggle, which required you to grade images of people’s eyes to 5 categories of diabetic retinopathy severity. In the remainder of this article I talk about some tips and tricks you can use in any kaggle vision competition, as I feel that the things I learned from this competition are pretty much universally applicable.

Unity is a great tool for prototyping everything from games, to interactive visualisations. In this article, we run through all you need to know to get started using Unity.

First, a little bit about me: I’m a hobbyist unity developer, 3d modeler and graphic designer who’s worked with Unity and Blender for over 5 years. I’m now a Financial Maths student at University College Dublin, and occasionally I do freelance graphic design, web prototyping, and game prototyping.

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Concept art is one of the earliest phases in the game dev process, over the last 5 years i’ve got a lot of exposure to all areas of game design. Check out my Portfolio of Graphic, UX, Concept Art, Game Dev etc…


This article is aimed at anyone who has never used Unity before, but has some previous experience programming or in web design / development. By the end of this article, you should have a good general overview of the engine as well as all the necessary functions and code to start making a basic game. …

SVM’s are often considered ‘Black Boxes’. In this article we cover techniques to visualise learned SVM models and their performance on real world data.

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About the author

Hugo Dolan is an undergraduate Financial Mathematics student at University College Dublin. This is mostly based and motivated by recent data analytics and machine learning experiences in the NFL Punt Analytics Kaggle Competition and the being part of the team who won the Citadel Dublin Data Open, along with material from Stanford’s CS229 online course.

This article contains the following sections:


Hugo Dolan

UCD Statistics & ACM, Learning Data Science, Winning Team @ Citadel Dublin Data Open. www.hugodolan.com/linkedin | Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/gkV7ov

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