Fragments are a very big and useful part of the Android platform, but as many Android developers know it’s always a nightmare to deal with. So when we had decided to go with a single activity multiple fragments navigation pattern we knew we had to create a good solution to help us deal with fragments more easily, and thus came about Flowr.

Flowr is a small library that simplifies Fragment navigation by providing a wrapper class around the FragmentManager. It’s mainly used to navigate between different fragments easily while providing a wide range of functionality. …

Google Fit API Integration


While working on a project that involved wearables one of the features we were tasked with implementing was step tracking. After some research we discovered that the best way for us to implement this particular feature was to Google Fit API.

Using the Google Fit API helped us save a large amount of time on having to work on our own back end implementation for steps. Using the Fit API also provides the users access to all the useful features provided by the Google Fit APP.

This article will cover the logic for integrating the Google Fit API with a…

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