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Several years ago together with my friend Antonia Kuyumji I prepared a plan for a fast-growing company with a goal of improving its sustainability. The plan was prepared by the company’s employee for one of the executives.

Now we’re open-sourcing a template based on this report. Employees who are passionate about sustainability can use this template to prepare a sustainability action plan for their company.

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Company Sustainability Plan

How [Company] can help the world and grow its business

[Company] can have a significantly positive impact on the world and grow its business by tackling sustainability issues. This can be achieved by improving our product sustainability and effectively communicating these changes to the world. This would increase people’s awareness of sustainability issues, and make the [Company] product more appealing to its target audience. …

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In 2017 I quit my job as a product designer to work on my own products full time. I had a list of problems I’d like to solve and the first product was a book helping product designers prepare for job interviews and practice their skills beyond aesthetics.

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A couple of days after the launch in 2018

I published the book 4.5 months later and since then this book —

  • Made me a living from day 1.
  • Became an Amazon Best-Seller in UX and Web Design categories.
  • Has been read by professionals working in companies like Apple, Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Adobe, Uber, etc.
  • Has been read by students at MIT, Berkley, UCLA, Stanford, Cornell University, University of Washington and tens of others. In some of them, professors recommend my book to their students. Considering I’ve never went to university myself this is very exciting for me. …

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We’ve been told that “ideas are cheap, execution is everything.” While I agree with this, I believe there are enough resources teaching execution but not enough teaching ideas generation for side-projects, products and lifestyle businesses.

We see a lot of tools for execution, but not so many for idea generation.

In the last two years I launched several products. From some I make a living, others were a complete failure. I now have a list of things I would love to create, and not enough time to build them all.

A couple of years prior this I was experiencing the opposite: a complete lack of ideas. I became curious about this shift in my thinking. These days, I’m working on reverse-engineering the thought process that led me to my ideas, and using this to build frameworks that will help others do the same.


Artiom Dashinsky

Product Designer, Author & Maker 📍 Berlin

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