150. Independent of Fashion

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 293–294.

Women who are in failing health can do much for themselves by sensible dressing and exercise.

Today’s reading is the remedy for the evils we read about over the last two days. It shows just what is missed if the whole life is devoted to staying fashionable.

One last evil, unequal distribution of clothing. This applies more in colder climates but with air-conditioning we often spend hours in cold places with women’s clothing often fashionably exposing different areas of skin. For what its worth, back in the 80’s a (male) doctor told me that a lot of headaches, colds and dysmenorrhoea was due to the short skirts that exposed women’s legs to cold air throughout the working day.

Perfect health requires a perfect circulation…

is the aphorism worth remembering. It applies to a lot of health principles, and is the basis of the success of traditional hydrotherapy.

Clothing should be chosen by considering,

  • needs of the body parts, especially to maintain that “perfect circulation”
  • climate
  • environment
  • health status
  • age
  • occupation

The woman, instead of being a fashionista, sewing all hours, studying fashion magazines, are to,

have the courage to dress healthfully and simply.

and use the time freed up to,

  • institute sensible dressing and a progressive, outdoors, conditioning exercise programme
  • keep herself well-informed
  • be a companion to her husband
  • keep in touch with her children’s development
  • influence her family to a higher life
  • make the Saviour a friend and companion
  • study the Bible and nature
  • take the children outside

The result would be that the home would be an attractive place for the whole family, and be a “life-long blessing”.

So what is your “fashion”? Isn’t it time to start a new obsession? To grab some courage and use that wasted time to,

(K)eep cheerful and bouyant… take time to make the dear Saviour a daily companion and familiar friend …, (to) study His word, to go into the fields, and learn of God through the beauty of His works.

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