66. The Gospel of Health

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 115, 116.

The Father’s mercy and love have not ceased to flow earthward in rich currents.

Yesterday we learned that we must follow God’s principles to obtain restoration of body and soul. Today we learn that we can only obey through Christ’s grace. This is the only power, the only hope, that works true healing, true obedience. Nothing else will do.

This mixture of life and love, called Christ’s grace, is effective for:

  • breaking the bonds of evil habits
  • curing all sin-originated maladies
  • healing broken hearts
  • imparting peace of mind (the second part of restoration p. 17)
  • removing care
  • banishing disease
  • gladdening the sorrowful heart
  • restoring the wasted life
  • vitalising the whole being
  • healing the brain, the heart and the nerves
  • activating our highest energies (Spiritual energies p.113, 159)
  • freeing the soul of guilt, sorrow, anxiety and care — life-force crushers
  • side effects of serenity and composure
  • implants indestructible, health-giving, life-giving, joy.
  • healing of physical, mental, and spiritual ills.

These are indeed “the blessings of obedience in their fullness! A physician / health evangelism leader must give the gospel in purity and power:

  • Christ regards you with pity even though you may have brought this on yourself.
  • Christ will help you
  • Christ will do great things for you. Trust Him.

Page 116 starts with another major idea one resulting in “a flood of healing virtue”. Great promise!

And we need that promise because:

  • Sin’s hold on humanity is getting stronger with each generation. We need healing in our soul.
  • Satan’s black shadow has misinterpreted Scripture so God doesn't look good, instead He looks evil like Satan. Unfortunately the blueprint worldview has become popular, the view that God has planned every single incident including the evil and suffering for His glory and for our good. This falsehood makes God the author of evil… We need healing of our view of God.
  • We need the promise because we need to see “the Father’s mercy and love” flowing despite our sinfulness and doubt. We need to see it so clearly that despite our sinfulness and doubt we thank God for His loving grace through our Saviour.

Then the floodgates open.

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