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Is it just me or are the weeks flying by on coronavirus-time? As working from home often feels like living at work, rest assured that the challenge today builds strength for tomorrow.

Surround yourself with people who are working on cooler projects than you.

Wolfram Research holds an annual summer program at Bentley University in Massachusetts, offering students a uniquely immersive experience with full-day lectures and mentor-guided research projects at the intersection of theoretical physics, computation, and innovation.

I was accepted into the program after a live-coding interview to study alongside a small cohort of energetic…

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The theme for this month is exploring the bridge between art and computation.

Deep fake audio has advanced so much over the past year, that we’re now very close to producing copies of soundbites indistinguishable from their authentic counterparts.

Jay-Z’s company recently filed a copyright claim on a rap song created using his voice without his permission. In an unsettling precedent, YouTube chose to ignore this request for content removal.

Jay-Z raps the Darth Plagueis Copypasta (Speech Synthesis)

How long will it be before a Top 40 song is written or selected for promotion by a machine learning algorithm?

Using the latest developments from OpenAI (while exploring primed audio samples at

I was able to produce…

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Welcome to the first issue of my newsletter.

Here are a few interesting links to lighten the mood and dish up some food for thought during these crazy times.

Shane Wighton leads the engineering team @ FormLabs (they make awesome 3D printers.) When his creations pass the “at least sort of interesting” test, he shares them with the world in his blog. To keep that blog functional, he’s incentivized to keep working on cool stuff.

Recently, he wanted to know if it were possible to improve upon the design of the basketball…

Digital non-fungible tokens are a natural extension of the fungible cryptocurrency landscape. Where any one bitcoin is the same as any other, like trading dollars for dollars, a single NFT is not the same as any other. Each collectible non-fungible token represents a single unique item.

Blockchain-based collectibles have a valuation based on their underlying asset, properties, or association with a particular brand.

One such example is a CryptoKitty NFT, which uses a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) from Ethereum blockchain transactions to mint a token which represents a unique virtual cat with probabilistic attributes — the rarer the “cattributes,” the…

Zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge proofs (zkSNARKs) allow statements to be proven without revealing the details referenced within these statements. We can use zkSNARKs, for example, to prove that we know a secret X without ever describing X, or to prove that we’ve correctly updated an account balance without ever revealing the details for the transaction. It’s a cool tool.

As an analogy, you can imagine a secret recipe R, which requires the knowledge of a secret ingredient I, and the exact following of steps S to produce a dish. …

Visit VIM Social Media at

I recently launched a new social media agency, VIM Social Media, to form the digital marketing base for my design studio and technology lab, VIM Labs. What follows is my vision for the role we play as digital advertisers in 2019, and the commitment we must make to our audience.

As a kid, I was a neodymium magnet for anything science/tech related. I taught myself linear algebra and began programming when I was 8 years old. By age 11, I was beta testing and debugging software for AOL, back when it was among the very first internet providers.

In college…

Many countries attain the majority of their exogenous dietary antioxidants from beverages rather than any one food, herb, or nutritional supplement. In the United States, Italy, Spain, and Norway, this single beverage is none other than brewed coffee — the nectar of the gods.

In recent studies, coffee consumption was more often associated with benefit than harm for a wide range of health outcomes, including all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer risk.

A selection bias or healthy-user effect can undermine the validity of conclusions drawn from epidemiological studies. An example of this is often seen in diet…

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