Jeremy Becker

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Mistakes will get made

No matter what you ever do in life, you will make mistakes. Sometimes you’ll even fail. Fact is, we aren’t perfect — we never will be. The beautiful thing is that we can learn from ourselves, and from others.

This is the part where I could post in a motivational quote about getting up every time after fail and continue on and that’s the true success…

The thing about inequality.

Money doesn’t solve anything.

Here’s the thing, this video has been going viral. I watched it. I was sad to see someone greedy like that. Fact is people are. The part that bothered me most about that video, is that neither of them would shut up and listen to the other person rather than just waiting for their turn to talk…er interrupt. The…

A New Era

The journey of rediscovering Kelowna.

As many of you may know, I have recently, along with my good friend, Logan Hayman, been working endlessly prepping the…