We asked 139 Founders what their favorite CRM, project management, company wiki tools, plus 6 others that form their Startup Toolset. Here are the results…

As startups, we have a habit of moving fast. But in our haste, did we pick the right software tools for the job?

I surveyed 139 entrepreneurs in various stages of their business and summarized the data so you get the best startup tool for nine categories, including email marketing, project management, CRM, and company wiki.

Read on to make your SaaS tool selection easier and more informed with vetted options that hundreds of other…

3 Tactics to help you build confidence and overcome any obstacle

Alex Honnold is no ordinary man.

Imagine being 3000 feet vertically off the ground. Clinging to a smooth mountain face with your thumb holds and 2 very small indents where your toes barely fill. Sweat rolls down your forehead as you try to plot your next move.

And the climbing rope that’s meant to act as your safety?

Well… That’s at home.

You see, Alex is the world’s greatest Free Soloist. It means he makes climbing history without ropes.

Hearing Alex in Free Solo talk about his commitment to…

Building a startup is hard. And more often than not, it’s your mental game that matters more — your grit, your perseverance, and your choices that lead to long term success.

Steve Jobs famously said:

“… everything around you that you call ‘life’ was made up by people who were no smarter than you…”

I’d add they probably started where you did: juggling a day job, starting a young family, cash strapped, short of time.

The only difference?

They made good choices.

They made a conscious choice about what they wanted out of life. …

For the past couple of years, We’ve tested, failed, succeeded at a number of different ways to build the happiest & most productive remote team (for Invited and other products).

If you have nagging thoughts about your remote team dynamics.

Read on for the 10 steps we followed when building a kickass distributed team from scratch!

Step 1. Understand what remote model you want

There are many working models — from not remote at all (left) to fully remote (right). Your choice of model determines how you work.

Detailed explanation of different models at martinfowler.com

We chose the Remote-first model because it was important to us to access the global talent pool, not to mention…

Johnathan Zhuang

Tech entrepreneur, side hustler, curious cat, recovering insomniac. Ignited by ideas, fuelled by artistry. Hangs out at https://iamjz.com

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