We wrote this a year ago, but never published it. Today seemed like the right day! We are currently spending our first wedding anniversary smelling like baby vomit with our very very new little boy that joined us just over two weeks ago ❤.

Getting married is super fun, but also super stressful. The thought of getting married seems like such an easy, straightforward thing to do, but since the initial: “Let’s do it!”, million little thoughts and needs come to mind. From yourself, your partner, or others. And that simplicity quickly fades.

One of the biggest obstacles to…

On why Developers need to learn design.

This post is an excerpt from a talk I gave at Upfront some time ago.
You can find the slides

There has been a lot of hype in the last 1–2 years about “Designers should learn how to code”.

At some point I started thinking: Ok, poor designers, they have to learn how to code — but what about Developers? What would happen if they would learn some design principles? Would that improve the workflow of their daily work and consequently the final product?

I spoke with a lot of designer friends and they all agree in having sometimes…

Emanuele Libralato

Computering at @garden_io. Interested in intersections. @tatanasoska’s optimistic half. Views are my own

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