The second round of Authpaper Coin sales has successfully ended on 15 August. Thank you all for your support.

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In this round of token sales, we have received 13.889175566 ETH, with 0.5764587783 ETH sent as the marketing referral rewards. After deducting the network cost for running the smartcontract and querying the referral information, a total of 13.0474 ETH have been raised.
16,246.298050838154252252 AUPC have been sent via the sales smart contract.

In 2018, we have raised USD 750,000 and 0.6 ETH, where 500K were come from pre-sales, 250K from direct sales by our sales team and 0.6 ETH from the…

To reward the contributions of supporters and raise support, we have created an ERC-20 based coin, Authpaper Coin (AUPC) and distribute AUPC to the investors and partners in this token sale. As Authpaper Delivery platform requires a customized blockchain, the coin cannot be used directly on it.

Once the platform is ready, we will provide an offer to exchange the coins with Authpaper stamp, the currency in the platform, at a certain rate. We will also distribute Authpaper stamps regularly to AUPC holders. Moreover, token holders can spend AUPC on online services from us.

Even with the solid usage, there…

Authpaper, a Hong Kong startup working on electronic document stamping solution, started a P2P data courier solution which can deliver huge amount of data or documents encrypted with unforgeable delivery record. Building a custom blockchain with delivery records, they aim to solve the multi-billion document fraud problem and speed up businesses of international enterprises by replacing the slow and expensive physical document courier services.

Physical mailing has been the default way to deliver documents and small goods between parties,especially the commercial and important ones. …

In the last three months of token sales, AUPC have been sent to over 23,400 different accounts. Thank you for supporting our project.

We notice that most of AUPC holders keep less than 500 AUPC (or 0.5 ether). It shows that most of the supporters are from public. To facilitate token sales and encourage people to purchase more AUPC tokens, a new purchase competition is introduced. Over 34,000 tokens (equivalent to 34 ethers) will be distributed to the competition winners.

Private investors and members in our team cannot join this campaign.

There are two phases of competitions, the first one…

Authpaper, a Hong Kong startup, is doing token sales for their P2P digital data courier solution which combines blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to deliver huge amount of data with high speed, privacy and unforgeable delivery record. Instead of conducting a security token offering (STO), they are selling utility tokens and believe it is better than to the startup and cryptocurrency world.

Authpaper has been working on electronic document stamping solution since founding in 2016. Finding that physical courier is still the dominant way to deliver a document in commercial world, they believe that the need for delivering…

“Deliver Secrets with Trust and Verify" is the core principle on running our project. However, building trust on a company can be hard in crypto-world.

We believe honest is the best way to build trust. So, here we will disclose the audit report of Authpaper Limited from Mar 2017 to Mar 2018. The audit report from Mar 2018 to Mar 2019 is still under auditing and we will also disclose it when ready.

You may download the audit report here:

Here are some information in the audit report.

AUTHPAPER Limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong with limited…

In the previous articles, we have talked about different parts of the contract, default function, which is called when supporters pay ETH, oraclizeAPI, getting the upline information to determine the price and marketing award.

With the information on hand, purchaseAUPC() is called to calculate how much AUPC should send out, and call the sendUpline() function to distribute the marketing reward right away.

We will talk about these two functions in this article.

For those who would like to view the whole contract, it can be found here:

Let’s us take a look on the first part of the purchaseAUPC()…

Crypto market has been performing well in May. The price of ETH has increased over 66% since 30 April.

It is the best time to invest on promising project like us !

However, the smart contract based marketing referral scheme of this project is quite new to the crypto world and people may not know how to purchase token and benefit from this project. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to purchase AUPC token, and how the marketing referral program works.

Purchasing AUPC

First of all, to purchase AUPC, you need to have a ERC-20 compatible wallet with ETH there. We…

We are distributing free Authpaper Coin (AUPC) to users who have registered our online service on

At first, people only need to register an account in the website and send us an email by their registered account in order to get free 100 AUPC to their ERC-20 compatible wallet. For the first month, it worked. We have distributed over 500K free tokens in April alone.

Problem happened on 26 April, there are suddenly many spammers sending in emails in order to get free 100 AUPC. We received 3,985 emails on 26 April alone. …

We originally plan to write articles at least once a week. However the sudden increase in airdrop request, website UI updates and company audit broke our plan. Sorry to keep you waiting. We start writing this series again.

You may would like to take a look to our new website here:

From now on, we will keep posting article every week. However, the article may not be only related to smart contract. We may include other articles like tutorials on airdrop and bounty, and company information.

Let’s us continue the journey. For those who would like to view the…


Authpaper Delivery uses blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records.

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