The iCumulate Token Sale Smart Contract Address

Smart Contract Contribution Address

Our smart contract contribution address is:


We will not post our smart contract contribution address on our website. Instead, we have announced it on our Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Medium and Github channels.

Verification and Cross-checking: There is ONLY ONE smart contract address for our Token Sale. We highly recommend you to verify this address against at least 2–3 of our official channels before triggering your ETH transactions.

Angelos, our CEO, features in the following video to show the smart contract address, for all of you to cross-check the authenticity of the contribution address.

Verification one — Youtube Video featuring Angelos:

Verification two- Clearify smart contract authenticity process: Verification three — Telegram Channel Announcement: Verification four- Medium Publication: Verification five- Github:

Verification six — Twitter post: We will NOT communicate the contract address through email or Telegram private message. Platform

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