Let’s Make America Kind Again

American citizens are seeing what is happening in our country and we are wondering what actions we each individually can take to make a difference.

To make America great, we make America kind through our actions. Every day is an opportunity for acts of kindness, wherever we are.

We Americans are deeply patient. Kindness requires patience. Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is how a person behaves while waiting.

Now more than ever is a time for kindness. This is a call for kindness.

Kindness is about helping everyone reach their full potential. Kindness includes us all, and acts of kindness benefit us all through ripple effects.

Kindness is strength, and no act of kindness, however small, is wasted.

Part of kindness is standing up to bullies. Not just for yourself but for others. We get the behavior that we allow. We can stop unkind behavior.

What is making America more unkind right now: The cruel agenda of Donald Trump and the institutionalized cruelty of a House and Senate that push his agenda. Mean legislation sucks. Kinder leaders make kinder laws.

Here are a Baker’s Dozen Overlooked Examples of How President Donald Trump’s Agenda Is Cruel:

13. Virtually every American business leader supports the Paris Accord, and 60% of Fox News viewers are very concerned about Climate Change and our environment, but Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Accord. This makes America one of only 3 countries in the world not participating in a global agreement that helps create jobs. We will lose jobs because of this.

12. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the Justice Department argue to the Supreme Court that naturalized American citizens can have their citizenship stripped for almost any reason, even years after they have been naturalized. The Supreme Court said he was completely wrong.

11. TrumpCare eliminates almost a trillion dollars from Medicaid expansion. This primarily hurts non-disabled working people who lose their jobs and are looking for new jobs, elderly people who need nursing care and their caregivers (who are overwhelmingly women), opioid addicts getting treatment, disabled people, and children. TrumpCare is mean.

10. Donald Trump is cruel to animals. One of the few new laws Donald Trump has actually signed so far lets people kill hibernating baby bears.

9. The Trump Administration fired two-thirds of the expert scientists on the EPA’s advisory Board of Scientific Counselors tasked with making sure that the science conducted and evaluated at the agency meets rigorous standards. Their plan is to replace them with business people who have corporate interests in mind. Donald Trump will not protect the environment.

8. Trump’s bombing of Syria appears to have happened because his daughter saw a video, and he seemed to have learned about dropping the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan after it happened.

7. The White House leaked a memo to kill Let Girls Learn, a fully-funded education program that helps millions of girls in developing nations around the world. When it was clear the public was very angry about this, the White House denied that they were considering killing the program. That’s one example of the Trump administration’s increasing comfort with unkind practices like trial ballooning and gaslighting. It won’t stop there. Donald Trump is killing the White House Council on Women and Girls, too.

6. Donald Trump silenced our U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley for condemning Chechnya abusing and killing gay men. She is no longer allowed to speak her mind without prior approval from the administration.

5. Many of Donald Trump’s policies are openly hostile to women. Executive Orders from Trump recommend that the three agencies (HHS, Treasury and Labor Department) create new rules that would allow employers to assert “conscience-based objections” to providing healthcare insurance coverage for a whole range of women’s preventive care. Repeat: Just women. That list of preventive coverage for women includes mammograms, contraceptive methods, and domestic violence screening. Another example: Betsy DeVos’s new Education Department directive is about ignoring victims of bullying and sexual assault.

4. Provisions of TrumpCare allowing insurance companies to classify rape and domestic violence as “pre-existing conditions” will discourage more victims from reporting crimes against them. Mothers will be less able to protect their children for fear of the whole family losing healthcare.

3. Many crimes against immigrants and undocumented people now go unreported because the crime victims are afraid that if they report the crimes, they themselves will be sent to ICE and deported. They are so obsessed with deporting people that ICE is deporting U.S. military veterans.

2. Donald Trump has called our U.S. Constitution “really a bad thing for the country”, criticizing it as “archaic”. Think about that. Seriously.

1. Donald Trump signed as law an act from Congress that removes Internet privacy protections for all Americans. Our Internet usage and habits can now be sold by Internet service providers to anyone they choose, from corporations to governments. Nobody in America wants this. Not even the 17% of Americans who say they are okay with TrumpCare.

Mean Donald Trump Is Unfit To Make America Kind:

  1. Donald Trump is mean to children. He stole charitable contributions from children with cancer. Children have asked Trump to please be kind.
  2. Donald Trump is mean to animals.
  3. Donald Trump is mean to the environment.
  4. Donald Trump is mean to healthcare. TrumpCare is mean.
  5. Donald Trump is mean to women.
  6. Donald Trump is mean to people and taught his family to be mean. Trump’s son Eric Trump actually said to Hannity about their many critics: “I’ve never seen hatred like this. To me, they’re not even people.

To Make America Great Again, First and Foremost We Must Make America Kind Again…

Feel free to share any or all of the list above. Feel free to copy and paste any or all of the list above. I wrote this post because I was inspired by the great work of Amy Siskind, whose weekly reviews I encourage you to read.

Commit to Team Kindness. Kindness makes better teams.

Let’s encourage more Americans to register and vote in 2018. More Americans want to be kind. Unkindness only includes an exclusive minority.

Kindness includes everyone and there is strength in our inclusivity.

Let’s take back The House and The Senate in 2018 with kind candidates.

The election of 2018 will take away power away from institutionalized cruelty. The election of 2018 will be about voting for the kind of candidates who lead through compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Together we are stronger. Kindness is a source of our true strength.

Our world is in a struggle between Love and Fear. Choose Love. Always.

Remember: Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Be positive. Be grateful. Have hope. Inhale courage; exhale fear.

Always be a little kinder than necessary.

Together, let’s Make America Kind Again!!!

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