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Its important to make sure your marketing and sales team are working together at your RV dealership.

We’ve all heard stories about how a dealerships marketing and sales team didn’t work well together and it hurt their dealership, and we want to learn from their mistakes.

The biggest mistake you can make as an RV dealership is thinking there is such thing as marketing vs. sales. The truth is, you have to have marketing AND sales.

Train Your RV Sales Team On How To Close More RV Sales

Without customer leads for your sales team you sell no RV’s.

Without a trained sales team to close your customer leads you sell minimal RV’s. …

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If you don’t train your RV sales team then what is your RV sales process?

Just as your favorite, NBA, NFL, and MLB team have a training process, so should your RV dealership.

Your RV sales process is going to be the catalyst that makes you fall short of your sales goals or helps your exceed them.

The better our RV sales people are trained the better they are going to handle are customers.

They will provide better experiences, and leave your customers happy.

Get A Better RV Sales Process With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

An untrained RV sales person will do the exact opposite, and if your RV sales team can’t handle the “tough to close” RV customer then your dealership is in trouble. …

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It’s not hard to see why RV sales training is important.

With the amount of competition in the RV market, it is hard to close a RV sale.

Your customers are looking at RVs they don’t “need” but rather they “want”.

Your RV customers have a mortgage, 2 car payments, kids, bills, and everything else, now you want to ask them to buy a RV?

Get More Customers Saying “Yes” With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

These things, among others, can make it hard to close an RV sale.

It makes it even tougher if you aren’t training your sales team on how to close these unique customers.

RV salespeople are thrown to the wolves on a daily basis and they aren’t always trained on how to deal with your RV customers. …

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Auditing your RV dealerships marketing budget has never been more important than it is now.

If you want to be one of the RV dealerships that stay around and don’t get bought out by a giant like Camping World, then you have to make sure your marketing and sales processes are lean and efficient.

As you look at auditing your RV dealerships marketing budget, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

The whole purpose of our marketing is to create a conversation and customer lead for our sales team.

Start Training To Close More RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

This means our billboards, TV commercials, radio ads, digital ads, etc, are all designed to create a conversation with our sales team and our customers. …

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As a RV dealership you have to train your RV salespeople.

Selling in both RV and car dealerships, you see the difference in how dealerships train their salespeople.

Most dealerships are pretty good about getting leads for their sales teams, but not all of them are good about training their sales teams.

In a RV dealership, marketing and sales have to work together to generate a sale.

If marketing is generating good customer leads, and your RV sales team isn’t closing deals, than someone has to be held accountable.

That someone, is your sales training!

Train Your Sales Team To Close More RV Sales With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

In the car industry it is common to have sales training programs and trainers for a sales team. …

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Introducing yourself in RV sales is a big deal.

Your customers are judging you from the very second they see you and if you mess up the introduction, it is hard to sell a RV.

When introducing yourself in RV sales, there are two things you must do.

  1. Explain your buying process
  2. Set your intentions early

These two things are crucial for your RV sales introduction because it lowers your customers defenses.

Create Happier Customers With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

The truth is, customers don’t always enjoy sales people.

Some salespeople waste time, push customers into the wrong RVs and don’t help them make good decisions.

I am sure you can understand why some customers don’t like salespeople so we have to be different. …

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Lead optimization for RV dealerships is a big deal.

The lower your cost per lead, the higher your profits, so we have to make sure we focus on our RV dealerships lead optimization.

In today’s digital age, most of your customer leads will come from the internet.

RV buyers are shopping online, reading reviews, and looking at your inventory online way before they turn into a customer lead for your sales team.

Close More Customer Leads With The Sell More Live More RV Sales Training Program

But how do we make sure these RV buyers go from a view, to a lead, and then to a buyer?

We focus on our lead optimization and RV sales process — which is a topic for another blog. …

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Selling at a show can be difficult and different and as a RV sales person, you need to know how to sell more RVs at a RV show.

Some RV dealerships sell their units from their dealer locations and online, while other RV dealers sell at their locations, online, and at RV shows.

But what is the difference from selling RVs at a RV show and selling them at the dealership?

The biggest difference with selling RVs at a show rather than your dealership is you have A LOT of foot traffic.

Sell More RVs At Your Next Show With The RV Sell More Live More Sales Program

Some customers come to the RV show to look at the new units while others come to the show for entertainment. …

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You are what you focus on

So when you focus on being sad, that is what you are

But focusing on being happy, is really just as far

When you focus on poverty

That is where your mindset will be

And when you focus on success

You’ll be much better off you’ll see

Because you are what you focus on

Its only safe to say

That you better change your focus

If it’s not what you want today

For if you focus on the bad, the sad, and lack of wealth

That will be your story, position, and health

But if you focus on good, being happy, and the abundance of…

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There is nothing more annoying than watching sales people talk news, sports, and weather with their customers; stop talking news, sports, and weather to build rapport with your customers!

Some sales people talk about the daily news or how the Browns just fired Freddie Kitchens.

Others say things like,”Oh, this is some beautiful weather we’re having today” or “My oh my, we’re having some beautiful weather today”.

These “rapport” building techniques do nothing for you, yet some sales trainers tell you to do these kinds of things to build rapport with your customers.

Learn How To Build Real Rapport With Your Customers In The Sell More Live More Sales Training Program

Your customer does not come to your store to talk about news, sports and weather; so stop talking news, sports and weather to build rapport! …


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