SHC digest vol. 1

Past days

During past several weeks we keep on working on our project and have several great news to share with wide audience.

Almost every day we receive several inquiries from people and companies all over the world. Some of them really interesting and fascinating other looks like like scam. But what we currently see is a real demand of medical projects that should change current approach to healthcare in general and in personal medicine in particularly.

At them moment we are in process of active negotiations with several companies that are already operating in medical field and we trying to find best way to cooperate and achieve our goals.


Previously we mentioned that we are in process of reaching agreement with person who can really can help us to achieve our goals and share our thoughts in the field of preventive healthcare. Today we can announce the mane of the person.

We would like to welcome Kalev Karu as SHC adviser.

Kalev has more than 37 years of experience in medicine and his advice will bring our ideas to the new level. At them moment he works as Chairman of the Board at Medicum — one of biggest clinic in Estonia. With support of such experienced person we really believe that we can achieve our goals and they will be valuable to people.


Apart from any other activities we find really important to share our ideas, use cases and solutions with wide auditory.

We created series of articles about pharmacy problems in Estonia.

  1. Pharmacy current problems in Estonia part 1
  2. Pharmacy current problems in Estonia part 2
  3. Pharmacy current problems in Estonia part 3

Next series of articles will cover usage of personalized medical systems. We will explain what are the benefits and what are the risks.

Thank you for support
SmartHealthCare team.