Galactic Lore Mission #1

Interplanetary Federation
3 min readApr 3, 2023

Reptilian Peace

As the sun was setting on Kavian, Allen Werlds, a level one Explorer just two weeks out of The Interplanetary Federation Academy, sat in the wreckage of his spacecraft, pondering his fate. He had been trained for this, of course, but nothing could have prepared him for the harsh reality of a crash landing on an alien planet.

The last coordinates he could remember were 5:9, a mountainous region with active volcanoes nearby. The Mountains loomed ominously, casting long shadows across the rocky deserts beyond. Allen knew he had to find a way to contact the Interplanetary Federation and let them know he was alive, but his communications equipment had been damaged in the crash.

Allen had been on a simple courier mission, guarding a Reptilian Diplomat on their mission of peace. But now they were stranded in the mountains. Allen stumbled out of the wreckage, and assessed his situation. He knew that night was coming soon and they were in the unforgiving Mountains of Kavian, with overnight temperatures reaching well below freezing. They wouldn’t last long in this harsh environment. They had to find a way out, and fast. He surveyed the rocky, icy terrain, trying to decide which way to go.

To the North, in the silhouette of the mountains, he could see a plume of smoke rising from what he now recognized to be an Active Volcano. The Volcano loomed over the landscape like a malevolent god, its ominous peak shrouded in a haze of smoke and ash. The ground trembled beneath Allen’s feet, and he knew it was the distant rumble of an eruption.

To the East, there was a vast Grassland stretching out before him, bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. A tempting target for sure if not for the Reptilian rogues that were known to utilize these areas for their illicit activities. After all, his mission was to protect the diplomat from the very same Reptilians rogues that could be roaming these lands.

Without his communication devices to guide him, Allen turned to the diplomat.

What do you think?

1) Should we brave the dangers of The Active Volcano
2) Should we risk encountering Reptilian rogues in the grasslands?

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