Under 48 Hours Before Token Sale Closes

We want to start by thanking the entire community again for contributing to our token sale. We are now under 48 hours before our token sale closes, and we just wanted to run through a couple of notes for any users who are still undecided as to whether or not they would like to contribute -

Over 550 unique contributions have been made to our token sale with over 10,400 ETH raised

That means hundreds of individuals across the globe believe in the platform that investFeed is trying to build. The enthusiasts, the investors, the miners — the disruptors have all come together and pledged their support for a new kind of social investing platform.

We recently released updates for cryptocurrency tickers ahead of schedule

One of the largest announcements we released in the last few days was the replacement of equity tickers with cryptocurrency tickers. We wanted to let our contributors and community know that we’re serious in regard to building out our vision for a cryptocurrency epicenter.

We recently added Steven Nerayoff, a top advisor to Ethereum, as an advisor to investFeed

Steven is a prolific serial entrepreneur and attorney having founded six companies, and is a senior advisor to both Ethereum and Lisk. His insights and expertise will prove to be extremely valuable to investFeed.

We announced a partnership with Brave New Coin for market data

The first major step for us was the switch to cryptocurrencies on our platform. Due to BNC being an extremely robust market data vendor capable of delivering enterprise-grade analytics, we knew they were the right choice for us. This partnership will save us a significant amount of time and costs during our main developmental period.

— -

Make sure to check out our social channels to communicate with not just the team, but the investFeed community as well. We are excited to have you onboard!

Our general token sale is finished and ended on August 7th at 9AM UTC.

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