Needed “A website to encourage local engagement with politics, with users posing questions to representatives, debating on forums and voting on the importance of topics”

Excerpts From Contributions To The ‘Digital Strategy’ Debate — Tynwald Court, Tuesday 16th June 2015:

Some quotes from Mr Robertshaw:

I want to build my contribution in this debate around a particular phrase on page 4 of his report, and I quote:

`Digital working requires a revolution in thinking.’

are we, as Hon. Members of this Court, ready to do that? Are we ready to adopt revolutionary thinking? The answer to that question, at least from my experience, is, regrettably, that we are not.

It was arriving at that conclusion, whilst still the Minister for Policy and Reform, that ultimately drove me to the decision to step down in order that I could speak more freely and frankly than was possible in office. I am of the view that what I have to say is too blunt and too uncomfortable to come from a…

Manx Radio ‘Talking Heads’: Minister Skelly asked “if he feels it’s right that a newly elected member of the Legislative Council (responsible for legislative scrutiny & oversight of the Executive) should be a both member of government & declare himself bound by it’s rules of collective responsibility?”

Minister Skelly: “Yes, I do believe they should. I’ve always termed Legislative Council as a non-executive role of national importance. The primary focus and primary role of course is actually revising and scrutineering in terms of legislation, so that does suit of course MHKs who’ve done that all their lives. …


Manx Politics Today —

Tynwald Court discourages active opposition

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