I’m No Expert, but…

I want a green line with red ink and a couple green lines with invisible ink. Reacting to how communication is important in sharing ideas with a focus on graphic communications in the prep work assigned by digi-art educator, Brianne Estrada.

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Communication is vital in getting your thoughts and plans across to others. It helps for others to see the vision you see for yourself and your future company/organization. Graphic design is one of many ways individuals can express themselves to others. It takes on a more visual approach just like my passion for film and it being a visual communicative tool. Graphic design in particular can be most known for the logos that other people tend to recognize through this idea called “branding.” If you see an apple with a bit in it, it’s probably an Apple product and the association reaction was quick. That’s the beauty of it. The design being so unique that it fosters an associative notion or idea with that design. There were two videos that I watched and react to.

This is the first one:

There are company workers and two women trying to create a design/logo with an expert. However, their ideas for the logo generally did not follow the rules of basic geometry and color theory. They lacked understanding of the logic that goes into creating logos because they expected the expert to take what they give him to make the logo as they want with their unconventional instructions. I relate to this video because people often tell me to do things when I’m editing videos that are kind of impossible to do in the time frame they would like for it to be done. In some cases, I’d have to drop everything I’m working on to just focus on that video in order to get it done on time, and when they want changes, it gets harder to change as the process is nearing the end. It really makes me feel as exasperated as the expert in the video.

The second video:

In this video, the narrator is explaining why communication is important and how to combat miscommunications that may arise. I understand that in order for ideas to be understood and shared, communication is getting those ideas successfully across in a good way. Miscommunication is when there’s a lapse in the flow of the conversation where arguments and misunderstanding can occur. Forms of communication that be useful for me are mainly visual and verbal communication because I misinterpret the tone behind written messages, but when I see and hear things from people, I usually understand it the best in comparison to other forms of communication.