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Communication is important in how we relate with people and not just communication, but effective communication.

I would define effective communication as presenting your intentions in such a way that the receiver receives them as you intend to put out. With effective communication, there are no misunderstandings, as misunderstandings are cleared right away to know what the sender is trying to say and to make sure the receiver receives it as intended.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m very open to communication. I try as much as possible to get what message people are trying to pass and…

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I think this lesson is as simple as it is: You can’t run from your problems. There are various forms of problems and they include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With your problems, you can go on self-relieving strategies, you can avoid them you can deny them too but at the end of the day, they are still there and ain’t going nowhere until something is done about it.

I mean, if there’s a block of stone on the road, you can go back to where you’re coming from, you can decorate the stone as you like, you can even…

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Everyone is not what you see? You’re probably trying to understand that statement.

Okay, here’s what I’m trying to say — You never ever see someone entirely. People show you what they want you to see, subconsciously or consciously.

Most people see me from a far and their first impression is that ‘I have it all figured out’ or ‘I have it together’ and I’m like, what? Why would you think that? I’ve heard that severally from people and maybe people think that because somehow, that’s the vibe I give and I honestly don’t do that intentionally.

I mean, if…

Lesson #4 — Don’t explain yourself

So this sounds weird right? Well, the complete statement would be,

‘don’t explain yourself because no one really cares except they ask you to’.

If not, you’d just be making a fool of yourself or talking too much.

I realized that most times when I explain myself, it's because I'm trying to convince people concerning what I did or the decision I took. Sometimes, it really doesn't matter; you did that, so what? Let it be, especially if it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Explain yourself when people ask for it and if you…

This is cliché but it’s always true. We know this but sometimes we forget until we are confronted with certain things and handle them before we realize again that we are stronger than we think we are.

We go through things in life and think we cannot survive, we think we cannot move past it but somehow, there’s this inner strength that comes from us. For me, I know it’s not mine but God’s own strength and it’s comforting and reassuring to be honest.

Whatever you’re going through, know this, there’s strength to fight, there’s strength to handle it and…

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This is not news though but still a fact — ‘people like to talk about themselves’ (and their interests) and that includes you and me. In case you’re denying this now, telling yourself that you don’t like to talk about yourself or what interests you, I just want to let you know that it’s fine to admit it, at least to yourself and it doesn’t even mean you’re vain (except you are but then you’d already know that right?).

I’ve come to realize that people engage in discussion that is related to themselves. …

Lesson #1 — Don’t expect anything from anyone

Last time I said I was going to talk about lessons I've learned so far this year and today I'm starting with 'Don't expect anything from anyone'.

So I know how we expect things from people, especially people we love and trust. I'm trying to see if we should expect certain things from them or not but what I've come to see is that it hurts less when you expect nothing from anyone.

If you give kindness, don't expect it in return. You give money, help, time, anything, don't expect it in…

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As I write this, I honestly don’t know how to start exactly. Should I start with the topic at hand or should I do some explanation?

So it’s been a while I put something out here. The last time was in January. I wrote nothing in the month of February and March but here I am in April.

Sometimes, I’m confused on what or how to use this Medium platform that I have. I want to use it to document my growth and process in life to becoming me and sometimes I wonder ‘isn’t that like a diary/journal? Who cares…

Social interactions or gatherings put me in such an awkward and uncomfortable position. I feel so conscious about how I'm reacting, the words I use, how it comes out, my gestures, my facial expressions, am I to say something at this point or keep quiet, how do I behave, should I show concern or not?

Sometimes my countenance is misunderstood and my words too, so it's like I'm just alert, hoping I don't do or say something stupid or offensive and I don't come off as aloof or insensitive. Apart from the fact that I'm an introvert, this is why…

There are certain things you can't avoid in this life and the earlier you accept it, the better.

I'm an introvert and as known, social interactions drain me. Not that I don't like socializing, I just like doing it in a small scale, maybe two, three people, tops five.

Social interactions simply exhausts me and even though I enjoy it most times, I can't help but feel drained. It's almost like I've gone through some intense moment and just need to recharge; be by myself.

The worst is when it involves lots of people (my definition of lots of people…

Odinakachukwu Ndukwe

Documenting my growth... Your words have life, use it wisely

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