The sleeper must awaken

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0. Introduction

The ancient philosophers of Hindustan pointed to the five blocks that form our worldview (or “citta”). They called them “vritti” — a rather deep word that can be translated as “modifications of the mind” or (which I personally like much more) as “interpretation”. So, what do we interpret and how? And who, in fact, are these “we”?

We, or rather, I — is the point of view, in the literal sense of the word. It is the point that does not have any physical characteristics — the observer, whom the ancient philosophers called Purusha. Before the gaze of this observer stands the enormous mass of matter, which they called Prakriti , the source and totality of the whole world of visible objects (visible with both, external and internal gaze). It is this objective world (Prakriti) that is observed and interpreted by the universal subject (Purusha), and in the process of this interpretation it conditionally splits into five “vritti” groups: true knowledge, false knowledge, imagination, sleep and memory. …

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Русскую версию можно прочитать здесь.

Like a sleeping deity from the ancient texts of Hindustan — Vishnu, resting on the Causal Ocean, the modern world rests on the waters of the vast ocean of information. And like the Great Flood from biblical legends, this abyss can destroy our world, blurring the borders between reality and sleep, truth and falsehood, past and future.

This ocean was inevitably growing from the very beginning when, thousands of years ago, a man tamed sounds and started to speak — this is how the first programming language of reality appeared. I’m talking specifically about programming, since wording (or literature), as a method of encoding and transmitting information, allows us to convey to others our vision of the world and its development — to create an algorithm for moving from the present to the future. And it is precisely the collision of two visions that spawns a conflict of two points of view on such a movement, discussion, changes and development. …


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Для современной цивилизации, в общем, и Российской Федерации, в частности, характерна одна яркая особенность, которая современным обществом определяется как проблема коррупции[1]. Мы полагаем, что между явлением коррупции и таким для всех давно ставшим обычным явлением рыночной экономики как юридическое лицо или корпорация[2] существует определенная системная взаимосвязь.

[1] от лат. corrumpere — растлевать, разъединять

[2] от новолат. corporatio — объединение

Ситуация, сложившаяся в настоящее время в российском бизнесе, свидетельствует о довольно низком уровне правосознания предпринимателей и гражданского населения и, как следствие, об упадке правовой культуры государства в целом, которое, впрочем, благодаря встроенным механизмам саморегулирования стремится к исправлению. …



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