Reconciling the hippie with the hardass

The angriest my father ever got with me was over a mix CD I made when I was 13.

I woke up to him standing in my bedroom doorway, fuming.

“Come here!” he said. “I want you to show me something.”

He led me down two flights of stairs to…

But can the company build on the momentum?

Illustration: Sally Thurer

Last month, Snapchat achieved the kind of virality most companies can only dream of.

On May 8, Snapchat released a photo filter (a “Lens” in Snapchat parlance) that, by rounding a users’ face and smoothing away their wrinkles, transforms them into a toddler. Over the next two days, Snapchat also…

Those who have seen combat suffer through cold sweats, elevated heart rates and night terrors—all for your freedom to blow up loud shit

This Fourth of July, one thing we can all agree on, regardless of political affiliation, is that it’s a good idea to show some appreciation for military veterans. Practically speaking, that means not being a dick about your firework displays.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is real, and it’s no secret that…

Don’t believe me? Let’s ask a doctor.

Photo via Jitze Couperus/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Remember the Winter Olympics? Yeah, me neither. The 2018 games were as forgettable as ever, but they did give us three important, life-altering revelations: Adam Rippon, Chloe Kim and the discovery that non-alcoholic beer is a great sports-recovery beverage.

Yep — beer like O’Doul’s, once considered the sole province of…

We chatted with Nashville rock critic Dave Paulson about ‘Sandusky, Ohio,’ his musical retelling of the Chris Farley classic

They say musical inspiration can come from anywhere, and for Nashville-based rock critic Dave Paulson, that came in the form of the classic 1995 Chris Farley–David Spade comedy Tommy Boy.

After years of working as a rock writer and heading a 1990s-themed cover band, Paulson released his first original, full-length…

I showed a little leg and fished for compliments on a jaunt around L.A. It went worse than expected

There’s a hot new male fashion trend, and it has legs. I’m talking about short shorts for guys. And I’m terrified.

After decades of baggy shorts (a trend arguably started by the Fab Five Michigan basketball team of 1991), the sartorial pendulum has swung back in the direction of men…

What is video game addiction, really? Experts disagree — and the World Health Organization’s announcement may be oversimplifying the issue

The debate over the legitimacy of video game addiction rages on following the World Health Organization’s proposal to add “gaming disorder” to its list of disease classifications.

That the WHO used “disorder” instead of the more colloquially used “addiction” speaks to the complexity of the affliction — and why that…

Here’s the best of the worst—and what’s actually worth streaming

A 40-year career in Hollywood is bound to have its peaks and valleys, but few actors have had as many high highs and low lows as 1970s sex-icon-cum-sentient-wax-figure John Travolta.

Travolta’s latest film, Gotti, in which Travolta portrays real-life mob boss John Gotti, currently sports an astonishing 0 percent rating…

Amateur weightlifters are pumping iron in Chuck Taylors, toe shoes or—gasp—no shoes at all. We asked an expert to intervene

If you’ve been to a gym lately, you might have happened on the curious image of a Serious Weightlifting Bro pumping iron in… wait, are those… Chuck Taylors?

It’s an incongruous image — a meathead wearing the quintessential hipster shoe. Or perhaps you’ve seen something even stranger: A similarly bulky…

You come home after a long day’s work and initiate your nightly decompression routine: You toss your keys down, change into your House Pants and settle into your favorite chair for your typical post-work, stress-reducing JO sesh.

But then, wait? What’s this?

The page takes several extra second to load…

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