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Group of designers with the potential candidate standing in the middle

In enterprise, design has not been the core focus — 2018 is going to change that, especially at VMware.

Clarity is dropping support for Internet Explorer 10

We celebrated with cupcakes when we open sourced Clarity November 15, 2016

Making our roadmap public

Bringing it together — UX, HTML/CSS, and Angular

The solution is not to quit, it is not to accept the atmosphere you do not approve of, the solution is to take the initiative to be the change you want to see in the world!


Apple’s new Safari icon for iOS 7speaks volumes about the new design.

“Design is not how things look but…

Jehad Affoneh

Head of @VMwareDesign. Co-created @VMwareClarity. UX, Engineering, Open Source, Travel, Nutella, Big Macs, & Politics. Find me at:

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