Choosing the Best Electric Smoker for You in 2015

Best Features to Look for


An electric smoker is a great way to add that coveted smoked flavor to meat and you can do it all in your home. Before you make a choice on the right electric smoker for you, it is helpful to understand what facets you are looking at with regard to the technology behind it.

You’re going to be looking at things such as:

• Basic construction

• Requirements for power

• Energy conservation features

• How much it can store

• Unit size

• What’s it made of

Basic construction of stainless steel is oftentimes the best choice when choosing an electric smoker. Construction should consider proper sealing as well. If sealing is subpar, it affects the thoroughness of the smoking. When it comes to power requirements, you want to make sure that the electrical feed in your home is sufficient and that no modifications are required.

Storage capacity might seem obvious for your family but you should also consider those events where you will have extra guests.

Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker

The Manufacturer

Evaluating the manufacturer of the product is simple. Some have better reputations than others. It is also helpful to read product reviews.

Making the Comparisons

Don’t just compare two electric smokers. Select several and make comparisons of their features, prices, and the other factors described here. Obviously, you want to choose the electric smoker that offers each feature you need at a price you are willing to pay.

Temperature Control Feature

You’ll find that there are two different types of electric smokers when it comes to the ability to adjust temperature. Some have temperature control via thermostats while others via rheostats.

Thermostats will shut off the power until the minimum temperature is reached whereas rheostats adjust temperature constantly to maintain it. You’ll find that thermostat-controlled electric smokers are more efficient when it comes to energy use because there are fewer fluctuations (e.g., it’s either on or off).


The lowest priced electric smoker might appeal to you but consider that the low price means that the unit is lacking in something. The lack could include critical features such as warranty, repair costs, availability of spare parts, and lower energy efficiency.

Enjoying Your Electric Smoker

For best results with your electric smoker, it is recommended that meat be scalded or marinated beforehand. Other recommendations include marinating in the juice from sauerkraut and then adding spices such as rosemary, laurel leaves, and pepper. Adding charcoal to the smoker is also recommended to enhance flavor.

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