How You Can Build Native Inspector Panel UI like Magic Mirror 3

Plus a bonus freelance gig offer

Image by Bench Accounting via Unsplash

We’ll make use of Image Fill, Slices, and Magic Mirror 3 Plugin

image taken from original Sketch website

First, Create a Frame with Rounded Rectangle Tool

  1. Use the Rounded Rectangle Tool (Unlike the Circle Tool, this works better with Image Fill we’ll be using later) and create a 200*200 shape.
  2. Make it a circle shape by dragging the Corner Radius to Max, or key in 100 (which is half of the length)
  3. Add an Outer 1px #cccccc border
  4. Add an Inner 5 px #ffffff border
  5. Add a Drop Shadow with 2px y and 20px blur, #000000 20%

Second, Slicing Out The Specific Area

  1. Use the Slice tool to specify the area in your design that you’d like to zoom in.
  2. Press the Export button, now you can export the area…

  1. Find Enable Magic Mirror in the Plugin menu

Go Beyond CocoaScript, Unleash The Power Of Native Code

  1. Communicating with Sketch Classes using Block.
  2. Asynchronous Methods and Background Operations.
  3. Using marcos, and compilation time features like #define, typedef
  4. Writing runtime code in Objective-C.
  5. Code completion.
  6. Debugging and Inspecting runtime objects.
  7. Performance! Since every instructions are going through a Javascript Bridge with CocoaScript, you really can’t expect much.
  8. Interface Builder.

Sketch Plugin to Transform Your Design Into Perspective Mockups

What’s Magic Mirror?

How it works?

For previous license owner of Magic Mirror 2 & 1 supporters

  1. Navigate to the /mirror/pro page

We just wanted to focus on one version, and make it great

Magic Mirror update history — 23 versions in past 18 months.

Here’s a bit more stats

How I turned down offers and made decisions much easier

Photo Credits: New Mexico Common Core

1. Flexibility

Brief walkthrough on the new features

New Inspector Panel

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