If you use Airtable to keep an inventory of items in your warehouse, you can save time by scanning QR codes with your iPhone and quickly updating your Airtable base as you restock your shelves or check items in and out.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn to create QR Codes for every record in an Airtable base. You’ll be able to print QR Codes for each product and attach them to your inventory shelves for easy scanning and updating information on every record. 🙌🏼

While Airtable’s iPhone app allows you to scan barcode numbers through your phone’s camera, it does…

Ever wanted to send a custom, automated e-mail based on a Typeform or other survey response — like an RSVP? Look no further, we can do this with Autocode in only a couple of minutes.

In this guide, we will connect Typeform to Gmail to send automated emails when a new form is submitted.


  • Create registration forms for events and send automated emails with event details or event access codes
  • Build referral forms and automatically send emails to new prospects
  • Create Newsletter sign up forms — collect email addresses and automatically send your most recent update in an automated…

Private message from TaskManager App

In this tutorial, we will build a Slack application to track team tasks in Airtable. Our Slack app will ask team members what they’re working on and record their responses in Airtable.

We’ll program our app to run once a week on Monday, but you’ll learn to configure it to run daily, hourly and minutely if you’d like. You’ll also have the option to customize the message that your Slack app sends.

What We’ll Learn:

  • How to make Slack API requests to retrieve members’ information via a slash command and store information in Airtable.
  • How to schedule code to run weekly, daily, minutely…

Happy birthday, teammates

Teammate recognition can improve productivity and promote collaboration. An easy and often overlooked way to recognize teammates is by celebrating them on their birthday and letting them know they’re invaluable team members.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn to build a Slack app so your entire team never misses out on the opportunity to celebrate your teammates’ birthdays.

No more overloaded calendars — everything is stored in Google Sheets, and birthday messages are always on time.

What It Does

The Slack app will kick off birthday celebrations once a day at 8:00 a.m. …

Scrape websites for links using a slash command and posts the results inside the channel

In the last tutorial, we learned how to use crawler.api on Standard Library to scrape websites using CSS selectors. We scraped the front page of The Economist for titles and their respective URLs with a simple API call.

A web scraper is a tool that allows us to select and transform websites’ data into a structured database. Here are a few of my favorite use-cases for a web scraper:

  • 📰 Scrape news websites to apply custom analysis and curation (manual or automatic), provide better-targeted news to your audience
  • 🏚 Scrape real estate listings — businesses are using web scraping to gather listed properties
  • 🔎 Scrape products/product reviews from retailer or manufacturer websites to show on your site, provide specs/price comparison
  • 💌 Gathering email addresses for lead generation

As a simple example — we’ll learn to scrape the front…

In APIs for Makers, we began learning about APIs, Application Program Interfaces, and how to work with them to transfer and manipulate data, automate work operations, consolidate communication and extend the functionality of platforms and tools like Slack and Typeform.

In this guide, we will continue to explore Slack APIs. In just a few steps, we will create a Slack app to privately welcome and guide new users when they join a Slack channel. …

Connect Slack to other SaaS tools like Typeform with very little code

Knowing how to work with APIs is not only a crucial skill for software developers but also a skill that can help anyone save time and increase efficiency in the workplace.

APIs, short for Application Program Interfaces, allow us to transfer and manipulate data, automate work operations, consolidate communication and extend the functionality of tools and platforms like Airtable, Slack, Twilio, and more.

In this article, we will learn all about APIs and how we can easily connect different software services and tools. …

A measurable fitness goal and a tracking tool will keep you accountable, motivated, and help you push your limits at the gym. Perhaps your fitness goal is to be stronger; you’ll need to have a workout plan and gradually increase the number of sets, repetitions, and weight for each exercise. Your workout plan is up to you. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up convenient tools to plan your workouts, track, and log your progress.

Text to view and log your exercises

Looking to automate the process of gathering and curating leads for your business? Makers, Marketers, CSMs, Sales Executives, this tutorial is for you!

Today we’re going to be using Build on Standard Library to automate our lead intake and qualification process. We’ll use Typeform to collect a lead’s email and Build on Standard Library to feed those emails to Clearbit’s Enrichment API and uncover a full person’s profile (full name, location, employment, LinkedIn + whatever else is important to your business). We’ll then organize and store our lead’s info in an Airtable base.

The days of manually curating and…

Janeth Ledezma

Janeth is a Developer Advocate for Standard Library.

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