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When we talk — we rather interrupt, convince and argue. We call it — a conversation. We rarely pay attention at what our opponents might have to say. We let them speak, but we don’t listen: their words pass by into nothingness. We often struggle to find a good listener so we switch to non-verbal ways of communication in a hope that a message will reach an addressee that way. In the old age of my parents, it would have been a letter; nowadays, it is a WhatsApp or Facebook message. …

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Count to 10…

Miss Gaia recently tagged me in her post 10 Things you (probably) didn’t know about me. I am glad she did for several reasons.

First, I now know just a bit more about the girl (nice to meet you Gaia). Second, I appreciate people trying to connect and support each other on a writing journey. And third — Gaia has inspired me to write the following post.

I consider myself somehow a philosopher: every time I start a conversation with someone it will go on and on, taking various routes and finishing at a completely different from the original purpose destination. …

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My Project Love in One Word


A human tries his best to set himself free from the society and its laws.

Instead why not to create a liberal society?

A human desperately seeks a soul mate to then flee the confines of a relationship.

Instead why not to build a bond you will want to belong to?

So tell me, what love means for you in one word?

This is how I normally start a conversation with a passer-by these days.

“You have to go straight to the point”, I recall an advice of my career coach.

We sit in a small room of a corporate high building. I escaped my office for an hour session to draw a Balance Wheel of my project “Love in One Word”. We will have five meetings over two months with Rebecca, where she will provide me with an opportunity to reflect and set a plan of my idea — from inception to completion. …

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Love in One Word ©

I make infinite mistakes every day, never quite capable of explaining them. For the sake of love, I justify.

If only love could speak up for itself…

She would shed a light. She would paint a canvas, an abstract one perhaps. She would look upon human from aside and marvel their demeanour. She’d give us a clearer understanding of what it is and how it is — to love. She would help to define herself.

From the series of stories based on my project “Love in One Word”

“I never made a mistake in my life;
at least, never one that I couldn’t
explain away afterwards.”

Rudyard Kipling

It was back in the kinder garden I used to read Rudyard Kipling, I found his tales to be fairy. I wish I’d come across his quote about mistakes then. It’s too late now — I have made one already. I’ve lied to myself. And that’s how everything began to spin around. Eventually, I lost track of what is real: I have become a fake as well as everyone close by. …

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Sigmund Freud (the picture copied from the Google image library)

Love in One Word is Sex. The passion that may fade away in a flash or last the lifetime.

There was the peculiar bookshelf in front of me at an ordinary book shop — all kinds of literature about sexual relationship. Abandoned, they waited quietly — available for everyone to flip through the pages. That attractive red colour. That intimacy of a secret discovery. How much do I know about sex? Well, Sigmund Freud wasn’t the one to teach me. Yet he sends the significant signal: sex is a prime motivator and common denominator for all of us. Sexuality is Everyone’s Weakness — and Strength.

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I love travelling: London, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev… Regardless of how big or small they are — each place has imprinted its own spirit in my heart. Though, I get lost — what is my true origin, where is my home, where do I belong to? Whenever I find myself in a foreign land, I will feel different. And every time I attempt to ask that simple question about love. Yet here in Kiev — I can’t dare to, I am speechless.

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Struggles of an amateur to write professionally: a writing style.

As one of aspiring writers, I have a problem. In fact, I have been having plenty of them since my humble drafts changed their status from the “writing for myself” onto “posting for public”. I am a non-native English speaker, who is considering to write in English. Well, I don’t just mean a conversational or blogging sort, but the creative writing.

I am a Ukrainian by origin, whom have been living in an English-speaking country and have no difficulties communicating on the level above the average with my English-speaking circle. Yet, when I think — I think in Russian. …


Jane Ukraine ***Project about love, emotions, people ***Writing in English and Russian ***Self-taught content creator

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