Quick step-by-step tutorial for prototyping cross-device Experiences in Framer

This tutorial covers how to use Node.JS, Framer, and socket.io to make Framer prototypes communicate with each other.

In today’s interconnected world, an increasing number of human-machine interactions involve multiple digital devices. We control lights and infotainment systems, leveraging features through extended device functionalities or switch between multiple devices for things like two factor authentication. Users can use different interfaces to interact with the same underlying system. We as designers are responsible that the flow between these interfaces is architected in an user-centred way. We use prototype ideas to get user feedback early, challenge and iterate our concepts, test the usability of the product, and validate the overall experience.

Sometimes screen design tools or simple prototypes are all…

Janis Walser

Interaction Designer — www.janiswalser.de

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