A fall boat ride brings sublime introspection

Drawing by author

Progression is slow
A meandering flow.
No reason to rush
Let time pass flush.

Floating effortlessly,
Altogether loverly.
Like a leaf on a stream
Wafting as in a dream.

Along for the ride
Quietly we glide,
Together, the water and I
Efforts barely applied.

Lost in meditative serenity,
Surrendering my self-identity.

My privilege is implied

Privileged Me, author’s photo

I am white.
I am male.
I am straight.

My privilege is implied.

My privilege is inherent
And hidden from my view
By my presumptuousness.

My whiteness
My heterosexual-ness
My maleness
Is all but invisible to me.
I cannot begin to perceive
what my privilege means.
I cannot fully comprehend it…

Jay Avery

I am a middle aged man, attempting to discover who I am and where my place is in the spiritual nature of the Universe. jayravery@gmail.com

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