Product Management essentials

The objective is that all those involved in the project are on the same page.

Maybe you’re asking, “Wire what?”. If you are blank and with eyes wide, I’m going to tell you what it is.

A Wireframe is an essential previous step before starting the design of a web or an app. It consists of creating a sketch of the structure of your page/ app simply but specifying how we are going to organize the information.

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Making this prior approach to the page without having started to design will allow us to be faster when it comes to the development of the design and will avoid that we end up distributing the information blindly.

The objective is that all those involved in the project are on the same page. …

Product Management essentials

The customer is always right, but is that totally true?

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Once your product is available in the market, everything will be revolutionized a bit. You will end up receiving requests from:

  • Your users and customer service teams will inform you of errors that will always have to be solved immediately.
  • Your users, who won’t use your product again if you don’t build a particular feature for next week.
  • Your CEO wants you to build something because a friend of his told him at a dinner that would be great.
  • Your sales team (for business-oriented software), asking you to incorporate a feature to achieve your quarterly sales target.

How not to waste our resources on something that almost nobody needs? Why only focus on problems worth solving?

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Ideas, Conjectures and Hypotheses

We have all had business ideas. It happens a lot when one is bathing, since before Archimedes and his famous Eureka! . But as Nolan Bushnell already said :

'Everyone who has ever taken a shower has an idea. He is the person who gets out of the shower, dries himself and does something about it that makes the difference. "

But the key question is what do I do about my idea? I consider that if we review history, and more specifically the history of science , it gives us several answers. We are not the first humans to have had ideas, and the method that has proven to be most effective in testing them is the scientific method , as Karl Popper wrote of Parmenides (5th century…


Most of the time when a team is formed to build a product, it receives a description of the solution to be achieved and gets down to work. And this usually results in a final product substantially costly and that does not have market success.

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Unfortunately (or luckily!) This common practice is not the one used by the number 1 companies in product creation such as Netflix, Spotify, Google, Uber, etc.

The way top players achieve success is by building teams that can iterate quickly to come up with the right product that their customers love.

Ok, but if we don’t tell the team what to build … how do they get to that winning product, that innovation that we seek? …


Where to start to eventually achieve success?

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Success is a state in which our dreams come true …

Basically by achieving it, we live exactly what we want, just as we planned.

Many people believe that achieving success is impossible, they see it as something unattainable and represented on top of mountains that will never climb.

Others believe that success is simply achieving one or two things that are proposed and ready.

As if it were a destination to be reached.

For example, an entrepreneur could consider it a great success, create his own company and start selling …

But does it all really end there? …

Digital health is definitely a global movement aimed at meeting people’s needs for a better life.

Technological advances are transforming the world of personal health and wellness. Because digital is not only for early adopters or geeks, it also impacts children, the elderly, factory or office employees, patients … even the health professionals themselves.

The global digital health market has been valued at US$ 144.2 billion in 20181 and is predicted to grow to US$ 206 billion by the end of 2020(CBS Insights). Today’s biggest trends in the healthcare industry are dominated by the concept of preventive and personalized care, with an increasing number of sector stakeholders aiming to deliver this through smart technology (such as AI, machine learning, VR, AR, and advanced data processing) and client-centered solutions. …

A cognitive bias is a systematic error in our way of reasoning that affects the decisions we make and the conclusions we reach.

Many times we believe that we are being objective when deciding, but there are many things that influence our way of thinking and acting. Let's discover some of them and how we can prevent them from leading us down the wrong path.This time we will talk about the following points:What is cognitive bias?
Functional fixation
Fixation with the design
Fixation with the objective
Language, assumptions, prejudices, and reasoning errors
Other types of cognitive bias

When we analyze in a little more depth the way in which we make our decisions, we find that there are certain filters or degrees of cognitive bias that we were not aware of and that can be limiting when it comes to finding a solution, especially if what we are looking for is that this solution is innovative. …

Shine in your PM interview by showing that you possess all the skills a PM requires to make successful products.

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With the emergence of new roles in the digital field, human resources teams have a lot of work ahead of them, as it is not an easy task to incorporate people for these still little-known positions. It is difficult to find profiles that can fit, as well as assess their suitability to the needs of the company.

An increasing number of companies are at this impasse: traditional teams are becoming Product teams, and this is creating urgent needs for good profiles for Product Owner (PO) or Product Manager (PM) positions.

There is not a lack of candidates, but how to determine if they are the best among the best?

Here are a series of steps that will serve you to meet the objectives that you set for yourself with that product.

There is no magic recipe, each product is a world and must be adapted to the intended audience.

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That is the key, follow the steps to adapt the product to whom it is intended.

When carrying out these steps, the important thing is that the Product Manager does not have to be the person who carries out each and every phase, but rather a coordinator who leads the product to success.

Process of creating a product

The product creation process consists of several phases, it is advisable to always go through all of them with each product launch, however, we do not do it because the first phases of research are already taken for granted. …

A Product Manager is responsible for the strategy, planning, execution, and launch of a Product. Its mission is to coordinate all the teams involved in the Product from its conceptualization to its launch. In addition to monitoring product sales, handling incidents claims, or improvements to be made in it.

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There are other positions such as the Product Owner or Project Manager, which although they have many tasks in common differ in some functions or there are some different nuances.

The role of Product Manager (PM) is now associated with technology companies to coordinate the UX + Design + Programming departments and also have sufficient communication capabilities to discuss the product both internally and externally. …



From Engineer to Developer, to creating amazing Digital Products.

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