Is your lead generation content hit and miss? With properly researched buyer personas you can make sure your content is always on target!

If you know who your ideal customer is, you can have much better results from your content marketing.

Starting out with Content Marketing is a bit like starting a company. You just don’t dive straight into it without (some) strategic plans. If you don’t know the audience you are writing for, you’re sure to write content that will not be engaging. Always understand your audience’s top concerns if you want to be able to write to them!

Creating Buyer Personas and User Journeys will help determine the type of content you need. It will help set the tone, style and delivery strategies for your content. …

High growth companies live in a constant state of extremes and uncertainty.

Recently, Slack, a corporate message and chat software company, went from nothing to a $4 billion valuation in around 2,5 years. That’s a pretty impressive achievement for a bunch of founders who were recently still working from their homes.

Stewart Butterfield had to say the following about it at the Digital-Life-Design conference in 2015:

These and others (think of Instagram, Rovio, AirBnB, Uber, etc.) “overnight” success stories are a big inspiration for a lot of people to start their company.

Even though these stories are mostly the only…

Branding Essentials: How To Build Your Brand Story

In a previous post, I talked about how you can utilise “lean” startup principles to start building your brand. Today I will look into the six essential parts of any brand story:

  • positioning,
  • promise,
  • personas,
  • personality,
  • product,
  • pricing.

Most marketers spend countless hours (either in college or at your work) learning about the 4Ps of Marketing. Philip Kotler has left an enormous impact on the industry; Product, Price, Promotion, Place.

A lot has changed in the world since these were first introduced.

As a follow-up on my previous post in which I gave an intro into how you can utilise…

You’re 99% sure that whatever it is that you’re going to build will change the world forever. And the next days, weeks, months you start building on your steps to world domination.

Then all of a sudden, it hits you: how will the world know about your “thing” when it is ready to launch and go out there? What is the name of this “thing”?

Okay, the naming might be something that you’ve already come up with after hours of brainstorming and checking that domains are available, but what about a logo? What will be your unique message to the…

Hans van Gent

pure optimist,strategic digital professional, previously director @ StartupBus, now founder @ Inbound Rocket & Head of Digital @ The Oval Office

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