Several friends have asked me several variations of the following over the years…

Justin, what software do you setup your employees with and use personally for email, calendar, web browser, etc.?

What do you recommend and use for your desk setup? Laptop? Keyboard? Mouse? Chair?

So instead of laying out an email response, I decided to just pull this together here so I can easily send this link in the future and hope that someone else finds some value in my learnings.

A philosophical note: I have experienced first hand, as well as been party to, the longterm negative effects…

I’m a co-founder of Diamond Candles, an e-commerce company that sells eco-friendly soy candles with a little twist — each has a ring inside worth at least $10 but up to $100, $1,000, or even $5,000.

My team and I turned it into a $12 million business in 12 months with a Shopify stock theme, a crowdsourced logo, a Paypal account, and a little social network called Facebook (our page has 1,047,120 fans as of this moment).

Our insane growth on Facebook started with the fact that…

We were broke.

And we needed a way to reach our audience that was free, fast…

A little over two years ago on Valentines Day my co-founders and I sold our very first Diamond Candle. A minimum viable product launch to test our concept, we sold about a dozen in the first 24 hours and were through the roof, someone would pay us money for our eco-friendly soy candles with a twist!

Each candle has a ring inside worth at least $10 but up to $100, $1,000, or even $5,000. Given the understanding that 98% of all home fragrance dollars are spent by females we had found a natural fit. …

Justin Winter

Husband of @ALynneWinter Co-founder/CEO @getboostopia Prev.@diamondcandles

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