We compiled our market research and perspectives on PPC management software into a resource to help your agency find the best platform for your needs.

We make PPC software for agencies. That’s our logo in the middle (Shape).

We think a lot about our place in the PPC software landscape…

We’ve been lucky enough to get promoted to a manager role in our careers.

But leading a team is hard.

In this episode, we talked about what we learned from our experiences and how you can think about making the transition yourself.

In upcoming episodes, we’ll be talking about our experiences building a business in Bend, Oregon; the future of digital advertising; and more.

The simple way we use Sitelink Extensions to drive pricing conversations to our chatbot.

How we launched ShapeBot with Drift and the simple process we used to get initial tracking of KPIs into Google Analytics.

Syncing up Drift with Google Analytics provides a more in-depth view of the traffic sources driving the most conversations with your bot.

⚡️ Here’s how we made it happen. ⚡️

Creating ShapeBot

We took advantage of Drift’s almost-too-good-to-be-true offer for startups a few weeks back.

Our first idea for a project was…

People are spending more time in virtual reality worlds.

Where people go, ads will follow.

VR will no doubt alter the digital marketing landscape.

How exactly?

No one knows for sure but here are some ways I think VR will change the day-to-day for digital marketers over the coming years.

Creating ads from scratch is a problem software companies are less excited about solving now as compared to five years ago.

Marin Software is a pioneer in the pay-per-click (PPC) software industry.

They became the first company focused on making software for PPC professionals to go public in 2013 and trade under the stock symbol $MRIN.

But since going public and seeing the stock price rise 43% on opening day, Marin…

I love the “Tuesday at 9:30am Test”. It’s a simple thought experiment to determine if you are truly happy with your job.

Think about a normal Tuesday at 9:30am.

How do you feel when you hear that time?

Are you excited?

Are you bummed out?

Chances are at that time you’ll be working.

Not hanging out around…

“I finally said, if no one else is doing it, maybe that should be me.”

AJ Wilcox

That’s a practical lesson for starting a company.

A void of information about a topic can be a signal there is an opportunity to fill a need in the market.

This was…

Jon Davis

co-founder | shape.io

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