Sometimes, when you work with emojis 😎😍🤖🌎✊ they can be a real pain in the ass. One physical symbol can equal up to four Unicode characters, so when counting strings & encoding emojis into a valid format for your favourite legacy database, these fun little icons can physically make you 😡

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Thanks Giphy

But then you look at Slack, and that handles emoji with style…

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Since I installed Docker on my personal Ubuntu server, I’ve been diving into the deep end of images & containers. It’s a completely different way of developing applications & platforms, and now it’s time to bring the Docker way of thinking to my work. Enter AWS, EC2 Container Service and all of the goodies 😝

At Car Throttle we use CircleCI for our continuous integration and there’s no need to revise that decision since CircleCI has full support for Docker and using the docker commands during a CI-build is so easy I didn’t need to write any additional bash scripts…

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If you follow the Node community, you may have recently heard about wide-spread issues the community encountered when a developer pulled his widely-used dependencies from the registry. Whilst this article is about how accelerated the time each deployment takes, it also happens to be why the Car Throttle stack was unaffected by what happened.

Over here at Car Throttle our web-stack is JavaScript-based. Both client and server. Which is totally awesome, by the way. …

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(Or, if you’d prefer, giving up the Dock on OS X)

I’m a Mac user. Have been for just under a decade now.

I’ve travelled all the way from the Tiger to the Mountain Lion.

And throughout every great cat there was an equally powerful Dock behind it, giving users instant access to applications, drag-n-drop onto the Dock, and it had some cool effects like the Genie effect for minimising windows, etc.

And throughtout every great cat the Dock had some form of upgrade. In Leopard it got Stacks - the ability to navigate folders from the Dock. In Snow Leopard it got a rewrite and a cool reflective effect.

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#kenthack ready to go!

Organising and running an event in a week!

#kenthack is a hackathon I ran back in March at my university, with the hope to inspire Computer Science students to teach themselves to code and teach themselves new languages outside of our course, like I did nearly two years ago.

For my first hackathon, I wrote an API in a weekend, learning Object-Oriented PHP & SQL along the way. And since then, I have been hooked on hackathons, going to them left right & centre.

To the point where I decided to run my own. However, it took a while.

For the first one, back in March, it took…

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Sometimes, it’s a deal-breaker.

It’s so much easier to shop for food online than it is to travel into town and shop.

For students anyway.

I am fortunate enough to have the luxuries of a university student - sleep in late, revision, exams, etc - so I quite like online shopping. Sites (like Asda, Tescos, Sainsburys, etc.) make it incredibly easy to spend loads and get lots of tasty foods delivered straight to my door.

But online shopping isn’t as great as it seems.

Last night we ordered an Asda shop, and it arrived this late morning. Perfect!

But it contained substitutions. They didn’t…

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An advice engine powered by Node & Mongo.

So I was looking for a way to teach myself Node.JS and MongoDB, so I decided to write an API for an “advice engine”, somewhere to store quotes and display them on a lovely website.

My friend loves giving advice. Sometimes it’s really good advice, but sometimes it’s incredibly funny advice. So I wanted an API where my friends & I could add new quotes, and a website where quotes could be showcased and displayed :)

The API would be built in Node, with a MongoDB database, and the website would be a simple HTML5+JS page.No need to touch PHP.

Express & Mongoose

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