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SEO. Website Design. Digital Marketing.

We have heard all of these ‘essential skills’ on how it is important right now, especially for digital nomads.

What we have been neglecting is the soft skill that comes along when using our laptops — touch typing.

This is not another “how to type faster article.” We’ll be talking about the other side when it comes to typing, what no one talks about when working on their laptops, and simple changes that you can apply immediately that will maximize the work output.

Plus The Exact Script To Get Clients By Marketing Expert Billy Willson

Instagram Photo from Billy Willson | 6 Figure Agency Program

Like any business, getting their first sale is the best feeling in the world.

It feels like you conquered everything and now ready to take on new challenges — getting your first client is the start of the snowball effect, it much easier getting your 2nd or 3rd clients as long as you lock down the first one.

But we have the hardest part. So how do you get your first client then?

It’s never easy getting your first client. This was why I sought after Billy Willson…

The Hidden Tactic Why Car Dealerships Wants You To “Test” Their Car

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Like the majority of the people, as they purchase their first vehicle. Many fall into the category of “window-shoppers.”

I’m guessing, you are not the person who walked into the dealership and bought the first car they set their eyes on.

You did a lot of checking — comparing prices, quality & make, etc. But that's when you are approached by a car salesman.

For many car shoppers, this is the worst experience. Salesmen who sticks to you & holds tight like a careful prospect. Emphasizing the mileage and other metrics of the car.

But, that’s what poor salesmen do…

What No One Talks About.

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There’s this lie that goes: “If I work hard, I’ll get promoted. And once I finally have a pay raise, THEN I’ll be happy”

We believe that we need to work hard first, then happiness second.

But, that’s a broken formula of happiness,

If getting promoted will make you happy, then every employee in the world who is given a new position should be celebrating. But that’s not the case.

In reality, we are happy, but only for a short while

With each victory, our next plan keeps getting higher and higher. And when that happens, we’d say to ourselves…

A Short Guide On How To Find Your Soulmate

A Wedding of Shane Todd & Stacey Larchfield

Male. Age 20. Speaks English.

Those 3 words are my answers when someone from the internet asks you about your ASL (Age, Sex, Location) The first time I was asked this is in an online game. By now, you might picture me as a geek who is into games a lot with a boring social life. That’s why,

I’m scared that I won’t be able to find my soulmate

But, you may be different from me — You might be with someone who is an amazing partner or you are still in the process of recovering from your past relationships…

Plus 3 Tips from UCLA graduate — Richard Yu

Founder of High Performance Training Program, Richard Yu
Founder of High Performance Training Program, Richard Yu
Founder of High Performance Training Program, Richard Yu

What does it mean to be a student operating at High-Performance?

It doesn't mean that you can’t go out with friends and drown yourself in studying for exams all the time — Nobody wants that.

To be a High-Performance Student, you just follow a simple set of habits, 3 of which I’ll be sharing in this article. You don’t need to sacrifice your friendship or partying. At the same time, your grades won’t suffer also.

Let me share with you my story on how I started on this journey.

6 Genuine Tactics by Marketing Expert, Trey Cockrum

Double Diamond Method Art | Article to Trey Cockrum
Double Diamond Method Art | Article to Trey Cockrum
Diamond Artwork by Saviroosje | DeviantArt

Cold-calling. Cold-Email. Door-to-door Sales. Instagram DMs.

These are just some of the countless ways I tried reaching out to Clients when starting out. The common advice was to hustle, “Every NO and rejection you get is one step closer to Yes.”

I’ll admit that cold outreach works, but it’s not the smartest option

So, I searched the web and sought answers on the best way for Outreach. I’ll save you the time of watching countless YouTube videos and blogs — Mostly, you will find repeated content saying that cold-email is the #1…

Like Leadership, It’s Not All About Calling All The Shots

Photo by Alizee Marchand from Pexels

Business is not being #1, especially to the wrong customers.

It’s not about shouting to everyone, but making your message heard to key audiences.

There’s this false perceptive that you need to create the hottest video in the market, gaining tons of likes & comments and you can call that marketing.

But if people don’t convert people through the video then it’s just a fun engaging project, you’re not marketing...

You need to have a clear incentive for the customer to buy your product.

They need to ‘want’ it. Because…

People don’t buy based on what they need but what…

The Overlooked Story Behind A Simple Dessert

Donut at Hand
Donut at Hand
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels


If you can describe in one word a memorable activity back when you are still 18, I bet it’s not waking up early in the morning to knead the dough, so that you can deliver donuts on time later on.

For Vernon Randolph, that was his case — he helped his uncle first started with selling yeast-raised doughnuts. Now we have the Original Glazed Donut that is now popularized in the mainstream media as a “must-have” staple dessert.

As we uncover the origin story of Krispy Kreme, as a Bonus, I’ll share…

Jed Silverlake

A Brand Journalist & Storyteller. Besides writing articles with Fortune 1000 companies, I’m on a journey towards Personal Development.

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