When I asked you what you would like for your birthday this year, you said “just one kindness” and left it at that.

Anything goes at Grandma’s. But that’s not why my daughters delight in their time with you. Oh, don’t get we wrong, it’s part of it. Telling secrets…

Okay, so now we’re all armed. Present company included. Great job, America. Now what?

This column originally appeared in the Long Island Press

Illustration of white, middle-aged American man armed with everything from a musket and knives to pistols and assault rifles

The debate over gun control would be uproarious if it wasn’t so pitiful. In typical American fashion we have taken to the streets and airwaves in the…

The rationale behind their approach is simple and time-tested. Over time repetitious lies begin to have the resonance of truth, no matter how far fetched.

This column originally appeared in the Long Island Press

Illustration of an elephant wearing a uniform reminiscent of a fascist party uniform

The Republican Convention was going rather poorly. The crowd was homogenous, the speakers were flat and…

“It’s quite shocking actually because it violates the long-standing presumption that the military is under civilian control.”

Soldiers walking along a path in single file and heavily armed
Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’

This column originally appeared on www.LongIslandPress.com in May of 2013

The manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects offered the nation a window into the stunning military-style capabilities of our local law enforcement…

If a juror believes a defendant is guilty of breaking the law, but believes also that the law itself is not just, she has the right to vote with her conscience and not with the law.

One juror looking the other way in a full jury box signifying the power of individual juror dissent

A single juror has the ability to acquit a defendant in a trial for…

Apathy is a direct corollary of inequality. Most of us are too busy and under too much financial pressure to remove ourselves from the cycle of madness. It’s the capitalist way.

(This piece originally appeared in the Long Island Press in 2014)

Woman carrying a flag with the Google logo into battle

Vive la Corporation!

Suddenly, it is in vogue…

Jed Morey

Executive Producer of News Beat. Author of The Great American Disconnect.

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