Dozens of entrepreneurial ecosystem builders share their thoughts on what an ecosystem builder is and does.

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One of the challenges in turning ecosystem building into a recognized profession is the lack of a recognized definition for what it is and what an ecosystem builder is. The Kauffman Foundation’s ESHIP Goal 3 recognizes this as an ongoing challenge, stating, “Strong collaboration will require alignment on our desired outcomes for ecosystem building and a common terminology for this work. We must build consensus on these cornerstones of our profession to facilitate communication and collaboration within the field and make ecosystem building practices more accessible to the broader community.”

There are so many ideas as to what an ecosystem builder is. I shared some of these in a previous article, “ Ecosystem Building and Ecosystem Builders: What is it? Who are they?” In their first Keystone Podcast episode, Yuval Yarden and Charlton Cunningham also asked the same question. …


Jeff Bennett

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder | Editorial Director at Ecosystem Builder Hub | Cofounder & President of StartupSac | Writer & Digital Media Content Creator

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