It’s Time to Get Serious

(It’s Not About the Likes)

Source: Jeff Davidson

It’s Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Choropleth Visualization of Different Urban Planning Metrics Using Excel and Illustrator—Source: Jeff Davidson Design

The Importance of Full-Sensory Experience and the Case Against Efficiency

It’s time to ‘feel’ life.

Referrals are the Lifeblood of Any Business

Human’s evolved to bear and share experiences.

Designing experiences with a positive ending boosts user perception and referrals

Illustration: Jeff Davidson Design

This Activity Prepares You For Hardships

Me falling on my butt for the millionth time.

1) Never Expect Immediate Success

Four Critical Qualities that Nobody Talks About

What Makes a Great Logo?

The fallacy that makes us bad at time estimates and how to fix it

The Death of Marat is an unfinished (speculated) 1793 painting by Jacques-Louis David. Source

On Aristotle and Rhetoric

Jeff Davidson

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