Examining How Racism and Marijuana Intertwined in the 1930s

How the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was fueled by racism and instigated by greed.

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The beginning of marijuana prohibition in the United States was about racism and greed more than it was about any potential dangers posed by smoking marijuana.

Less than one hundred years ago, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed. The Marihuana Tax Act didn’t exactly ban marijuana, but it did impose what was later deemed an unconstitutional tax on everyone involved in marijuana commerce.

In practice, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 resulted in the criminalization of marijuana, a common substance and plant that had been long used for its medicinal properties.

Within less than four decades, between 1900 and 1937, essentially all drugs ranging from morphine which was easily attainable before the 1914 Harrison Tax Act, to alcohol which was prohibited between 1920 and 1933 as a result of the Eighteenth Amendment, to the very minimally used marihuana were deemed illegal or were now under government jurisdiction. …

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The street cars rushed by as people anxiously hung on to them while others smiled and held their hats in the air. The sidewalks were full of hungry and of focused faces. The air felt fresh and the clouds were clear under the bright sky.

Ernest stood on the crowded sidewalk. He wasn’t short but he wasn’t tall either. He was wearing a black suit with slimmed down pegged trousers up to his waist and an oversized coat. His hair was slicked back but growing long and he wore a scruffy beard that looked neat and well trimmed.

He was holding two briefcases. One in his right hand and the other in his left hand. He especially seemed to be holding the briefcase in his left hand with intent. His expression was gleamful and almost one of surprise in what he was seeing. The smell of smog didn’t even bother him as the streets were filled with the pollution so common to the city life. …

A Quick Guide

Stand up for what you believe is right and take action.

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The need for politically active citizens is more important now than ever. The world is smarter, faster, and more plugged in than ever before in human history and yet we are plagued by environmental issues, gender discrimination, homophobia, racism, political and social issues, greed, and far many more problems that are holding back human progress.

Being an activist and standing up against the social injustice and other issues we see isn’t just about marching and protesting in the streets. Activism is about educating yourself and educating others around you. …

A Short Story

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“What do you like?” she asked me.

She had long brown hair. A light complexion that made her light bright skin glow in the sunlight that was peering in through the window. She was wearing a long pink dress with a pair of black knee high boots.

In those days, I was mad out of my mind. High on existence and life. I was also a mess mentally. I was all over the place, lost, left for dead by my own ominous premonitions of the future of my existence. It was a pre-planned self-ransom of my soul.

“Ummmm,” I muttered. I maintained my stare on the large window. I was completely dumbfounded. What do I like, I asked myself? But no answer came through. Only emptiness in my mind. …

Poems from 19

a poem about the simple things, like…

With a joint in my hand I sleep comfortably With a joint in my hand, I listen to The Velvet Underground With a joint in my hand I light the…

A Guide to Planning to The End

Manifest Success by Planning to the End and Taking Action Towards Your Goals

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Individuals who have managed to come into financial, social, and political power have all arrived there through sheer perseverance and a strong desire to get to that physical or symbolic place. A desire or idea that was manifested into actionable steps and into reality.

Success very rarely arrives at your doorstep overnight. And when it does, you’re susceptible to losing it all if you’re unprepared. Similarly, if you fail to recognize when to stop, the success you’ve built becomes susceptible to collapsing under you. To create lasting success, we have to thoughtfully contemplate what it is we want.

The most fundamental way to create and maintain success is by beginning with a firm idea of the end in mind. More importantly — to be effective — it requires a definitive plan. Without creating a clear outline, it slowly becomes more and more out of reach until it’s a loosely-held desire. But it doesn’t have to be. …

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For much of his career, Chris Benoit was considered one of the most talented technical professional wrestlers. Benoit was a Canadian-born wrestler who trained under Stu Hart’s Hart Dungeon. The same training school that produced wrestlers Bret and Owen Hart, Natalya, Brian Pilman, Chris Jericho, Roddy Piper, and Jushin Thunder Liger among other great talents. Benoit was a workhorse. He was dedicated to his craft unlike few others have ever been. He was a professional wrestler at heart but his undying passing for the squared-circle also led to Benoit’s unforeseen demise.

The Benoit tragedy is one of the darkest stories inside professional wrestling. It not only affected the wrestlers and superstars around Benoit, but it cast a shadow on the entire business. As the news unraveled about what happened in the Benoit home, the sadness of Benoit’s death became more conflicted and contorted. Benoit’s actions have resulted in him being erased from professional wrestling history by the biggest sport entertainment promotion, WWE. His success, and legacy in the sport are no longer appreciated by most major wrestling promotions. Although Benoit is still accepted and regarded as being one of the greatest wrestlers of all time by most fans, his legacy has been shattered in the scope of the sport’s history. …

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I haven’t been publishing my work for all that long and can hardly say I’ve had much success thus far. Up until now, I have only published on a few websites, including Medium and What Culture. In the process, I realized actually self-publishing my work was much easier than it was to start writing and move into putting my work out in to the world.

I had the ambition to become a writer but I didn’t know how or where to start. I knew I wanted be a writer since I was kid, as I transitioned into High School I started indulging more in reading and writing poetry. A couple years passed by before decided I wanted to be a writer. I realized, I wouldn’t become a good writer right away but I was confident about having time on my side. …

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Modern contemporary history begins in the year 1945. The year the Second World War ended and came to a conclusive end. The war changed the lives of individuals in every corner of the globe. The repercussions of WWII transformed everything and art could no longer be approached the same way as before. The art and literary movements that were born from the seeds of destruction reflect what it means to be a human being in the mid-20th Century.

The literary and poetry movements that followed the war were far different than their early 20th Century counterparts. Literary movements such as Modernism, Imagism, and the Harlem Renaissance all left a huge influence ingrained in modern English literature. But the world was changing fast by 1945, despite a lack of social progress. …


Jeffrey Ramos

writer, poet, and occasional photographer. still figuring out the rest

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