Imagine if the L-word characters got to tell you more about how they are feeling! From Finley about her life.

Finley at the airport, The L Word: Generation Q

Oh sh*t, I have to leave, I have to leave town.
I really don’t wanna screw up anyone’s life.
I’m used to hurting, holding my pain deep down.
But now, the pain is seeping out.
I hurt so much
I’m afraid I might run out of luck.
It had been easy to make friends and sleep around
But now I might have really screwed up my best friend’s life.
She’s supposed to marry her fiancee and be someone’s wife.


Sophie and Finley (L-R), from The L Word: Generation Q

Imagine if the L-word characters got to tell you more about how they are feeling! From Sophie confessing her feelings about Finley.

like a loyal dog, she knows to come help me lick my wounds
she’s not just a buddy, she knows how to feel and comfort me
when i’m with her, i can feel she’s really there
she’s present
and that is her gift.

she feels the room and knows what i need she gives me a hug in the hospital when she sees how hard it is for me to hold strong in front of my mom and…

Sophie and Dani (L-R), image from Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q

Imagine if the L-word characters got to tell you more about how they are feeling! From Sophie confessing about Dani.

Damn, she’s fine and
she knows how to work my mind.
To propose to wisk me away to Hawaii
so she can be my wife
that is anyone’s romantic dream.

It’s just that…
what brought us together
her, the super-achiever, and so many things about her I admire…
it’s killing me now.

She’s like a fire that doesn’t stay on. At a whim, work will always be more important to her than me. Like, she expects me to be around…

Rachel in the MahJong scene from Crazy Rich Asians

Imagine a confession from Rachel of Crazy Rich Asians, how she really feels about her mother-in-law

She thought I was a “poor, raised by a single mother, low-class, immigrant nobody”
And even if I was losing Nick
I was out to show her I am a strong, intelligent somebody.
Not only a professor who could command my NYU classroom
but also a cultured Chinese woman in her power
smooth as James Bond, staging a showdown with MahJong
and prove Mrs. Crazy Rich, that she was so wrong.

Just because they are the super wealthy did not mean that I was…

“heel” artwork and photograph by Jen Cheng


from a distance
I seduce you
You see me tease
as I undress
like a private dancer
but I’m an exhibitionist truly
as I look into your eyes
it seems just for you, I peel.


we possess each other
make our breaths race
taut rope
fight … feel.


you worship me
you are pained by me
you crave me
it feels so good
to see, to smell
and lick my heel.

Poetry-inspired art: “Heel”
11x14 mixed-media shadowbox
Part of the series of 4-letter words that are both verb and noun. Currently on exhibit in North Hollywood. Please check out my other art (inspired by sexy poems) on Instagram

Photo by Johan Extra

It is my right to show my genius
At last, I have found my artistic tribe
Those who show their talents with great pride

So many years, entire systems and powerful bullies
they, who are insecure,
told me, forced me to not speak
They made me think I had to fit their world
They wanted me weak

Now, I found my way to be strong and prove they are all wrong I knew when I was 8 it was not ok to hate There were Renaissance men we learned from regular history And I wanted to be a Renaissance woman…

My favorite things

(From the dog Potato’s perspective, sung to the tune of the classic “My Favorite Things”)

Turkey on kibble and squirrels in oak trees

Smart bow tie outfits and soft blanket fleecies

Spa hair from grooming that make me a king

These are a few of my favorite things!

Walks in chic boutiques and petting on Sunset

Cuddles and snuggles and smells of beef brisket

Gay men who love me much more than their flings

These are a few of my favorite things!

Find more dog humor and adventures of Potato (who loves walking on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood) on IG: @jen.and.potato

You can commission a custom poem or custom song from the human poet Jen, by messaging on IG or visiting the poet’s website:

Photo by Hidde Rensink on Unsplash

Mom, you are a bird

you wanted to protect me

but you were flighty and sometimes weren’t there for me

to grow, i have had to keep my distance

and trust my truth

i want to connect with the rest of my family

we can’t go back to the way things were

i can’t be part of your public image

i want you to be honest about me

and support me with my truth

mom, you need to see me in my power

i’m grown and my own person

i’m a wild cat.

  • a typewriter poem, written 11/24/2019 for someone who wanted to transform and find their empowerment and voice to speak with her mother.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

your strength and brilliance are so unique and well-loved

your humble power to help and support is reaching so many so far

your energy lifts us up

your voice makes me feel understood

your astro wisdom brings in so much fun

your passion for helping the lost is so brave

your dedication to finding those in need is tireless

your advice to me in my challenging times saved me so

you are an angel.

  • a custom typewriter poem, written for Tom to thank his friend Kate for the help she’s given him.

Leave behind those streams

Coughing violently to grasp some air

A gesture not needed

Rather, a desperation expressing panic

A search for peace

Wells of tears swelling like La Llorona’s streams

With nowhere to go but choked

Wishing for a well that gifts pleasures

These heartaches want to be held

Spells of glory give transformation and hope

Sparkles of inspiration land like fairy dust

Speak with power please?

It is the only way to leave behind those streams.

Jen Cheng

Writer. Poet. Songwriter. Musician. Improv Player. Comedian. Facilitator. I write dog humor poems and I write for parties. IG:@jen.and.potato

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